Seems to Me . . . A promise of Hope


By Stan Welch

Since Barack Obama was elected in 2008, he has done many things that I disagree with and disapprove of – like nationalize General Motors, bow to the King of Saudi Arabia, introduce socialist ideas on a level unprecedented in American history, things like that.

I’m sure I’ve also done many things he disapproves of – like go to work each day, honor my country and those who risk their lives to keep it safe, pay my own way, and expect a minimum amount of intrusion by the government into my life.

But more than anything that Obama has done, I resent the fact that he has taken away my basic faith in my government; my belief that despite policy and philosophy differences, the nation’s leaders have the nation’s best interests at heart.

I watched as Richard Nixon expanded the Viet Nam war to Cambodia and squandered thousands of American lives. I watched as Jimmy Carter failed to rescue American hostages from Iran and saw a gasoline crisis result. I watched Ronald Reagan sleep through a cruise missile attack on Ghadaffi. I watched Bill Clinton besmirch the Office of the Presidency – literally and figuratively – and never once thought to myself “This President doesn’t give a damn about this country.”

Never once did I believe that Bill Clinton would let a nation attack us and not retaliate. Never once did it cross my mind – or any other American’s, I dare say, that George Bush – take your pick – would stand by and see Americans killed overseas without extracting a price.

But I cannot say that with Barack Obama.

I have always scoffed a bit at conspiracy nuts.I always felt that they sought explanations for things they simply didn’t understand, not things that had no explanation. Barack Obama has changed my thinking in many ways. I no longer give him the benefit of the doubt. I do not accept his weak and nonchalant explanation of his birth and the controversy surrounding it.

He may be an American citizen, though I no longer believe so. But that is no longer the point. The point is that he thinks so little of the American people that he makes no definitive effort to settle the issue. That alone makes me suspicious.

His profligate and illegal use of executive orders to bypass the constitutional system of checks and balances scares and angers me. It too is a sign of contempt for the very document he is sworn to uphold.

His venal political calculation, shared with the Russian Prime Minister, that he can be more cooperative in disarming America once his second term is achieved is the most cynical and cowardly statement I have ever heard from an American president. It borders on treason.

No, this president has made me lose faith not only in him, but in the Congress that condones, if not outright supports him. I have lost all faith in the mainstream media, once a pillar of tremendous strength in this experiment we call democracy; now, they are without honor and have become prostituted just as surely as any fallen woman on any street corner.

So, it seems the epitome of irony to me that this president who came on a promise of hope has instead killed faith among his people that he can even be trusted to preserve the nation. I’m sorry, but it’s fast approaching time for Gobama.