Williamston Police Report


Williamston Police Officers investigated several incidents of shots fired, shoplifting and the theft of camping equipment. Among incidents investigated were the following: June 17 – Williamston Police Officer M. E. Simmons assisted West Pelzer Police Department with an arrest at 80 Main St, in West Pelzer.

June 17 – Justin Tyler McGee, 21, 328 George Creek Dr., Easley was placed on trespass notice at 12 W 4th St. in Williamston in connection with a domestic dispute at the location. M. E. Simmons investigated.

June 16 – Larry Lemond Bond, 46, 114 Tripp St,. Williamston was placed on trespass notice for 325 E. Carolina St., Apt. 211 after officers responded to the location in reference to a suspicious person. M. E. Simmons, Sgt. K. J. Winn investigated.

June 17 – While running radar on North Hamilton St., officers reported hearing multiple noises believed to be gunshots coming from the area of Greenville Drive. Dispatch also received a call reporting gun shots in the vicinity of Brown St. The area was checked and officers were unable to locate any suspects. Sgt. K. J. Winn, J. H. Smith investigated.

June 12 – Officers investigated a report of a black Ford F150 extended cab truck doing doughnuts in a field off Mill St. The vehicle could not be located. L. E. Mulz investigated.

June 15 – Greggory Novak of The Wolfe Den, 200 Greenville Dr., Williamston reported a female known as Cadillac Kim, with dark brown hair and a blue sundress took three leather bracelets valued at $3 each. The suspect could not be located. L. E. Mulz investigated.

June 15 – Kimberly Dawn Carpenter, 46, 1508 S Piedmont Hwy. Pelzer was charged with possession of a schedule IV controlled substance after being arrested for shoplifting. While being booked for a shoplifting incident, a blue pill believed to be Alprazolam (Xanax) was found in her purse. L. E. Mulz investigated.

June 18 – Anthony Joseph Pevarnick, 35, 215 Stevenson Rd., Starr was arrested for outstanding bench warrant for open container after Pickens County Sheriff’s Office notified WPD that they had him in custody. D. M. Stipe investigated.

June 15 – Kelley Frances Padfield, 45, 10 Dottie Ct., Williamston was arrested for public disorderly conduct after officers were dispatched to Hardees, 1520 Anderson Drive. Sgt. K. J. Winn, C. Trotter investigated.

June 15 – Officers investigated a complaint of shots fired near E Carolina St. and Burger King. The complaint could not be verified. M. E. Simmons, J. H. Smith investigated.

June 15 – Sherry Lynn Kelly, 38, 4 E 2nd St,. Williamston was arrested for trespassing after an incident at 12 E 1st Street. M. E. Simmons, Sgt. K. J. Winn investigated.

June 15 – Carol Arndt, 44, 13 Finley St, Pelzer was arrested for shoplifting after being observed concealing several items in her purse at Dollar General, 526 West Main St., in Williamston. Arndt was also placed on trespass notice for the location. Sgt. K. J. Winn, C. Trotter investigated.

June 13 – Rodney Dale McCall, 46, 532 College St., #4, Central, SC reported items valued at $595 were removed from 404 E First St. Missing items included Coleman nine person tent, air mattress, plastic table, three dome lights, rubber mallet, storage tote, camping fan and miscellaneous camping items that were in the tote and cooler. D. M. Stipe investigated.