Stolen trophies returned to Pelzer


Trophies recently stolen from the Pelzer Gymnasium have been returned to town officials after word got out of a reward and no questions asked if they were returned. Pelzer Administrator Skip Watkins said he was contacted and after promises of no questions asked, the stolen trophies were returned, a bit dented and scratched, in duffle bags.

Though no questions were asked about the return of the prized and historic artifacts, the items were immediately turned over to the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office for processing and the incident remains under investigation. According to officials, there was “no deal not to press charges.”

Vandals and thieves broke into the Pelzer gym on June 11, stealing as many as a dozen historic trophies and damaging the storage cases they were in.

The illegal entry was gained through the basement door on the back of the building.

The stolen trophies were from as far back as the 1920s and up to the 1960s. Copper tubing, security cameras and other items were also taken.