Around the County . . .



Building & Codes

· PERMITS ISSUED: 9 New Single-Family Dwelling and 6 addition/renovation; 16 Electrical and HVAC Upgrades; 4 Detached Garage/Storage Buildings; 6 Commercial Including: The Biscuit Shack – Deck Enclosure and IVA Quick Stop Addition; 11 Mobile Home including: New Homes and Change of Ownership

· DRAWINGS SUBMITTED: Greystone Subdivision Pool House, Michelin Bldg. 265/ Canteen Up-Fit (Area C), The Biscuit Shack – Deck/Porch Enclosure in Belton, The Bench – Up-fit off Electric City Blvd., Standeffer & Harbin Attorney’s Sign and Various re-submittals

· November Stats:

o Revenue down 54% from prior month ( $72,067.60 to $32,814.50)

o New Single-Family & Multi-Family Dwelling permits down 25% (36 to 27)

o Total of 437 permits/transactions (Down 25%): 113 Building, 105 Electrical, 68 Plumbing, 67 HVAC, 56 Mobile Homes, 13 Demolition, 15 Miscellaneous

o 46 Tall Grass Complaints (New and Follow-Up)

Development Standards

· Met with Pickens County Planning Officials and reviewed proposal regarding a ten (10) lot residential subdivision located on Highway 178 and Red Barn Road. Majority of the property is located within Pickens County. Pickens County’s requires that lots be either in Pickens or Anderson, with no jurisdictional boundary split. After review, the developer has agreed to rework the layout and only three (3) lots fall within Anderson County.

· Met with developer regarding a new mobile subdivision located on Rice Road, Anderson. The plan will consist of five (5) mobile home lots along existing road.

· Met with bank representative to secure a new letter of credit for Rosehill Subdivision located off of Three Bridges Road.

· PLAN REVEIWS: Highway 29, LLC, construction of a new light manufacturing and warehouse facility at 4102 Highway 29 North, Belton and Michelin North America Expansion located on Bib Way, Anderson

· November Stats:

o Land Use Permits; 78

o Septic Tank Permits; 94

Subdivision Reviews, 2, 1 approved

o Individual Summary Plats; 26

Fleet Services

· Due to the 5 vacancies and an increase of breakdowns, we are outsourcing more repairs than normal. Also, keep in mind with 2 mechanics in each shop; wait times and completion times are longer.

· Wastewater right-of-way tractor has been outsourced for a major internal transmission repair. Estimate $9,500.

· Received 4 new Ford Police SUV’s this week for the Sheriff’ Office. They will be issued once up-fitted with police equipment.

· Congratulations to Joseph Stone, shop foreman for receiving his Master ASE Recertification.

· November Stats:

o Overall Availability: 97.80% (Sheriff 98.10%, R&B 94.89%, SolidW 97.62%, Other 99.19%)

o 334 workorders completed totaling $179,744

o Total Fuel gallons used for November: 48,597 (Unleaded 2,563, E20 14,085, Diesel 8,873)

o Current Fuel Prices: Unleaded $3.34, E20 $3.43, Diesel $3.60á

Planning & Community Development

· Due to a lack of quorum, the District 7 Zoning Advisory Group meeting was cancelled. The rezoning request on Crestview will be moved to January 2013. Notification will be sent again. Spent a large amount of staff time attempting to obtain a quorum and then another amount of time phoning the applicant and interested citizens that the meeting was cancelled. Also responded to several inquiries of County Council on details and timing of the application.

· Completed and delivered EPA Community-Wide Brownfields Assessment grant application. Grant awardees should be announced in Spring 2013.

Roads & Bridges

· Vegetation Crew spent 20 hours clearing brush and other vegetation from inside the retention pond at the Pendleton library.

· Bridge crew installed new guardrail on Joe Black Road (C-01-0174).

· Grading crew completed fine grading, and Asphalt crew placed the asphalt binder on Pollard Road (C-13-0020).

· Turning radius was extended at the intersection of Forest Cove Road (C-11-0011) at Saddlers Creek Road (S-741).

· Inspector found a utility had done two roadway cuts without a permit; fee recovered was $820.00.

· Supervisor found Windstream installing fiber optic cable on two roads without a permit. Their engineers had said there were no permits needed. Since they are new to the area, we instructed them on our encroachment permit program and are setting up permits for the roads they are working on to bring them into compliance.

· Released MetroConnects from their Stop Work Order. Their contractor has corrected poor trench work and cleaned up the roadways in Piedmont to the County’s satisfaction.

· Received permit request from Greenville Water to close Transylvania Street when they remove the old water tank, a local landmark in Piedmont.

· Advertising four open positions: 2 Equipment Operators (Ditching Crew), 1 Truck Driver (Ditching Crew), and 1 “In House Only” Senior Bridge Technician (Bridge Crew).

· November Stats

o 286 requests received; 248 work orders completed; 162 pending.

o 5 after-hours call-outs for a total of 10.0 hours.

o 3 Encroachment Permits for a total of $1,1l7.50 (YTD 83/$12,078.70).

Solid Waste

· Roads and Bridges and our staff continue to work on repairing the roll-off truck driveway area at the Friendship Convenience Center.

· The Recycled Art contest was wrapped up and prizes were given to the four winners. The winners were Varennes Academy (Mrs. Davis – 4th Grade), Flat Rock Elementary (Mrs. Christenbury – Special Education), Pendleton Elementary (Mrs. Dochentz – 2nd Grade) and Pendleton High School (Mrs. Lagroon – NHS).

· Staff visited with Honea Path Middle School students to see their “Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer” projects that were made of recyclable materials.

· Staff began meeting with county departments this week to discuss recycling opportunities in our county offices. We feel we can increase our participation. We appreciate everyone that is already participating in recycling.

· We had 3 inmates this week for the convenience center crew and 3 for the MRF this week. We appreciate the Detention Center working to supply us with the inmates.

· November Stats:

o 369.35 Recyclable tons, 31.01 E-Waste tons, 29.69 Tire tonnage, 2106 gallons Waste oil.

o Anderson Regional Landfill: 5,134.81 tons of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) at a cost of $144,288.16.

o Hauling: Contractor hauled 467 containers from Convenience Centers at a cost of $58,024.75.

o Starr Landfill Tonnages:

§ Construction & Demolition (605.80 C&D) tons {4,242.17 YTD tons}

§ Land Clearing Debris (1,324.93 LCD) tons {5,252.18 YTD tons}

§ 9,494.35 Total Tons for the Year

· November Enforcement Stats: 80 Calls, 12 Warnings, 1 Assisting Another Agency, 1 Dumping Ticket, 5 Clean Up Orders, 4 Litter Tickets, 2 State Citations, 0 Uncovered Loads. Total Fines requested $2,040.00.


· Robert’s Presbyterian Church was issued a cease and desist notice for not installing the outlet control structure on the stormwater pond as specified in the approved plans.

· Revisions to the stormwater ordinance and stormwater design manual are being finalized due to the new Stormwater Construction General Permit issued by SCDHEC. Our standards have to be updated to include the new requirements.

· November Stats:

o 2 construction sites were issued notices to comply.