Around the County . . .


Current Public Works projects underway around Anderson County include:

Building & Codes

· Plan review staff meetings: 1). Met with Michelin representatives regarding the new Group 83 Expansion to clarify preliminary code review analysis. 2) Met with Engineer on a new 3,000 sf Family Life Building for a church in the area. – Additional information will be forthcoming once drawings are submitted.

· PERMITS ISSUED: 11 New Single-Family Dwelling and 2 addition/renovation; 7 for Electrical and HVAC Upgrades; 3 Detached Garage/Storage Buildings; 14 Commercial Including: The Biscuit Shack – Deck Enclosure and Iva Quick Stop Addition; 17 Mobile Home including: New Homes and Change of Ownership

· DRAWINGS SUBMITTED: Center Point – Walmart on 153 Sign, Fairfield United Methodist Church Sign, Walmart on 153 Fire Alarm Drawings and Various re-submittals.

Development Standards

· Met with developer on a new Family Dollar retail store in Williamston. The site will require a variance on front yard setbacks because SCDOT has an additional easement and a reduction of parking lot requirements. The meeting is scheduled for January 2013.

· Working with bank on final infrastructure completion of Avendell Subdivision located at Three & Twenty Road. Staff will continue to coordinate with Roads and Bridges engineering staff for compliance.

· Land Use Board of Zoning Appeals Meeting scheduled for December 13, 2012 was cancelled, due to a lack of quorum. Board’s Chairman is working with Council Members for replacements.

· LAND USE PERMITS ISSUED: Dollar General Retail store located at Highway 153 and Hood Road, Lake Hartwell Hyundai Addition located on Pearman Dairy Road, Strait Christian Church, classroom portables located at 201 North Major Road, Belton.

· GRADING PERMITS ISSUED: Dollar General Retail store located at Highway 153 and Hood Road.

Fleet Services

· Wastewater’s 13 years old right-of-way tractor has been outsourced for a major internal transmission repair. Estimate $9,500. All backordered parts are in and repair is in progress.

· Roads and Bridges’ 1999 tandem dump truck (270K miles) has been outsourced for rear differential repair. Repair costs unknown at this time.

· Still have 5 vacancies requiring outsourcing and causing an increase in downtime.

· Advertising for a Tech I mechanics position.

Planning & Community Development

· Attempting to determine if there will be a quorum for the scheduled Wednesday, January 2nd Zoning Advisory Group meetings to hear the carried over rezoning request on Crestview Road in County Council District 7 and a new application at the corner of Belton/Honea Path Highway and Horace Bell Road in County Council District 3 to change from R-A (Residential Agriculture) to C-2 (Highway Commercial). The stated purpose is to allow construction of a funeral home. Application package has been scanned and a copy sent to Clerk of Council for distribution to County Council members who should encourage parties who may call them to call the Planning and Community Development Department at 260-4720.

· Continue to answer several requests (both email and phone call) from citizens inquiring about the 3rd reading of the Denver-Sandy Springs proposed zoning map that we understand will be carried over by County Council until sometime in January of 2013

Roads & Bridges

· Take a virtual ride on East/West Connector at .

· SCDOT’s Annual Bridge Deficiency Report on the county’s bridges had only six bridges with deficiency issues, all of them sign related. R&B has made steady progress since 2008 in reducing deficient items, from 83 bridges with deficiencies to just six. Signs are the most difficult to maintain; they can be stolen or struck and may go unreported for a long time. The signs for the six bridges have been reset or replaced.

· Vegetation crew inspected 36 bridges that were dammed up with debris last season; crew was instructed to place a work order to have a stream opened if needed. Our goal is to have the streams as low as possible when our annual bridge maintenance inspection starts shortly after Christmas.

· Beavers built a dam inside the two 48″ cross-over pipes on Jones Road (C-09-0172), causing the road to flood on November 26th. Our crew could not remove the dam in one of the pipes and had to replace it, costing over $11,000.

· Ten beavers were relocated this week: six from Jones Road (C-09-0172), two from James Road (C-01-0019) and two from Slater Road (C-05-0028).

· Grading crew finished “dress-up” work on Pollard Road (C-13-0020) after the asphalt crew placed the surface course. All that’s left to do is plant some trees as part of the right-of-way agreement.

· Sign shop installed “Public Notice” signs on Boyd Street (C-09-0190). The bridge near West Whitner Street (SC-24) is targeted to be replaced with a concrete box culvert starting January 4, 2013.

· Principal engineer and ACTC member Bobby Patterson attended the Statewide CTC/SCDOT Annual Meeting on 12/6/12 in Columbia. The gathering of County Transportation Committee members from numerous counties included an excellent presentation on pavement preservation initiatives and techniques by Huley Shumpert from the Georgia/Carolina Pavement Preservation Council, of which Anderson County is a member. His summary of the size difference of the various local road systems within South Carolina again showed that Anderson County has the 3rd largest county road system in the state, with only Greenville and Spartanburg counties narrowly ahead of us.

· Staff met with SCDOT to clarify plat and survey requirements for transferring the county-built relocated portion of Phil Watson Road (C-09-0135B) at Old Pearman Dairy Road (S-62) to the SCDOT. The relocation was completed in the 1990’s, but the dedication to the state was never finalized.

· Contract signed with Duke Power and $500 Corp administrative fees were paid to restore lighting to the George Smith Mill Road (C-05-0056B) Boat Ramp. The lighting system has been shut-off since the development of the Watermarke condominiums removed the overhead power cable.

· There are currently four open positions: 2 Equipment Operators (Ditching Crew), 1 Truck Driver (Ditching Crew), and 1 “In House Only” Senior Bridge Technician (Bridge Crew).


· A quarterly industrial stormwater inspection was conducted at the City of Belton’s Ducworth Wastewater Treatment Plant. No deficiencies were observed.

· Revisions to the stormwater ordinance and stormwater design manual are being finalized due to the new Stormwater Construction General Permit issued by SCDHEC. Our standards have to be updated to include the new requirements. Ordinance will go to Council for approval in January.

· Staff began collecting GPS and condition data of stormwater outfalls in the newly expanded urbanized areas as a result of the 2010 census.

· The manager and plan reviewer attended a SCDHEC informational session for MS4s in Columbia related to the new Stormwater Construction General Permit.

· The new Stormwater Construction General Permit is at best ambiguous and at worst contradictory on how water quality and water quantity are to be managed from sites during construction. The manager along with the stormwater managers of Greenville and Spartanburg counties drafted a memo describing how we intended to handle those issues. The memo was sent to SCDHEC.


· Installed new pump at Riverstone pump station in Powdersville. We received the pump last week wired for the wrong voltage. Voltage was changed and pump is in operation.

· Pump for Hwy. 76 will be returned and installed today. Pump was pulled because of bad top bearing. Upper and lower bearings were replaced along with a new seal.

· Right-of-Way crew cut creek crossings on the Motorola Line, Frontage Rd. and Anderson Business Park by hand.

· Removed 6 Beaver Dams on the Glenn Raven sewer right-of-way with a backhoe.

· Inspected 8-inch sewer line at The Oaks at Shiloh in Piedmont with TV camera.