Williamston Police Report


Williamston Police officers investigated the following incidents during hte last week of January:

Jan. 22 – Joseph Elmo Tysinger III reported a propane tank taken from a grill. The tank was valued at $50. Sgt. K. J. Winn investigated.

Jan. 28 – Joseph Rodger Hufflin, Jr., 44 McAlister St., Williamston reported someone attempted to break-in to his Chevrolet Camaro. The passenger side door was damaged and an audible alarm apparently caused the suspect to run away. M. E. Simmons investigated.

Jan. 28 – Major’s ABC, 510 Greenville Dr., Williamston reported a shoplifting incident in which a man entered the store and left without paying for a bottle of Benchmark liquor which was in his pants. The item was valued at $10. R. Drennon investigated.

Jan. 26 – Officers investigated shots fired in the vicinity of East Carolina St. The report could not be confirmed. Cpl. L. E. Mulz investigated.

Jan. 19 – Dan Reid Driver, 51, 115 E. Main St., Williamston reported the theft of three bicycles from the open bed of a pickup truck parked behind the residence. Two silver fold up bikes were valued at $100 each and a purple and silver Mongoos beach cruiser was valued at $40. Sgt. K. J. Winn investigated.