Anderson County Sheriff’s Report


Meth in the refrigerator – Anderson County Sheriff’s Deputies investigated an incident in which a person being questioned told deputies there was “meth in the refrigerator.”

A.D. Hendrix and D.L. Brinston were on patrol on Hwy. 153 Feb. 24 when they saw a white male behind the Super 8 Motel. They made contact and he said he was hanging out with some friends in Room 129.

The motel clerk told deputies there had been a lot of traffic to that room. Upon speaking with one of the occupants, Kristian, Johnson, WF, 19, 5’7″, 130 pounds, red/hazel, of Travelers Rest, Hendrix asked her why her friend said he didn’t know her name.

She said he was probably nervous because of the meth in the refrigerator. The deputies asked her to repeat herself and she did.

Another subject jumped from the window and ran. Johnson was taken into custody for possession with intent to distribute.

Among other incidents investigated were the following:


Feb. 22 – A.D. Hendrix responded to 503 Moore Rd. where Charles Moore reported the theft of his homemade 5 ½ foot by 8 foot utility trailer, valued at $800.

Feb. 23 – J.G. Williams responded to 205 Saluda Dr. where Ashley Tolar reported the theft of her Acer laptop computer.

Feb. 23 – E.S. Russell and Cpl. S.L. Steward responded to 350 Wren Rd. where Chantel Matusiak reported the theft of $500 from her home.

Feb. 24 – E.S. Russell and Cpl. S.L. Steward were on patrol near Hwy. 153 and Kiawah Lane when they heard screeching tires. They then heard the sound of a crash. They located the vehicle, off the road, with no one in it. The car was stolen and the driver had fled. The owner of the car was located and retrieved the vehicle.

Feb. 25 – C.P. Huff responded to 104 Riverside Dr. where Gloria Philbeck reported the theft of a utility trailer from her residence. The trailer was valued at $3000.

Feb. 25 – B. Simpson received a telephone report at ACSO headquarters from Ben Allen, with Mobile Mini on Hwy. 153. Allen reported the theft of an 80 gallon air compressor from the business. The loss was placed at $500.


Feb. 23 – A.D. Hendrix responded to 103 Green Crest Way where Robert Walsh reported that two of his vehicles had been broken into, and a GPS unit, $400 in cash, and a .32 Baretta automatic pistol were stolen. The total loss was estimated at $900


Feb. 22 – J.R. Scott was dispatched to 425 Tripp St. where Jason Biggs reported the breaking and entering of his home. Miscellaneous items valued at $125 were taken.