Hospitality Tax Fund Budget – Williamston


During their budget work session held recently, Williamston Mayor Mack Durham said that he is recommending that Williamston Town Council designate 30 percent of the Hospitality Tax Fund, or $48,000, for tourism related community development and that individual events have a $10,000 funding cap.

Durham is also suggesting the town provide funding for 10 events during the 2013-14 budget year and that all current fund recipients continue to be funded. The 2013-14 Hospitality Fund budget has projected revenues of $160,000, up from $135,000 last year.

Funding from the Hospitality Tax Fund included Contingency/Community Goodwill, (unbudgeted funds) $121,910; Christmas Parade, $1,200; Cemetery Candle Light, $500; Boo in the Park, $1000; Spring Water Festival, $10,000; 4th of July, $5,100; GWBA Easter Egg Hunt $500; Misc., $4790; Pig in the Park, $5000; Caroline Community Center, $10,000.

The budget also includes three new events/festivals to be funded from the contingency including a Homestead Festival in October, a Valentines Dance in February and an Easter Saturday Gospel Singing.

The town provided funding earlier this year for two new events, GWBA Party in the Park and ParkFest, both coming up at the end of May.

The mayor said he plans to implement accountability practices to all fund recipients.