Seems to Me . . . Seeking Freedom


By Stan Welch

Well, well, wonders never cease. Our president, after weeks of bluster about how HE was going to strike Syria for its use of chemical weapons, has decided to break a long personal streak; and actually honor the Constitutional separation of powers that he has wiped his nose on in the past.

This tells me a couple of things. First of all, he realizes what a potential disaster any such military action might spark. Both Iran and Russia are strong supporters and patrons of the Syrian state. They see it as we see Israel – a staunch ally and client state and as everything but a military base in the Middle East.

Both have issued warnings that strong military action will not be tolerated. Despite their history of tough talk with little action, never have we been perceived as being as weak as we are right now. Obama has flip-flopped and vacillated from one position to the other until no one, including his national security team, has a clue what he hopes to accomplish in Syria.

The second thing his decision to seek Congressional support for his plans tells me is that he correctly reads the national political climate and understands there is very little support for a military adventure in Syria. With the mid-term Congressional elections just a little over a year away, he wants to give everyone a chance to share in the blame for whatever he does.

My Dad used to have an old saying that this situation proves was never meant to apply to everything. He used to say “Do something, even if it’s wrong.” In this current situation, I’m not sure Obama can do anything right. He’s been so busy running his mouth, assuring Assad that a regime change is not his plan; then basically announcing that any action will be very limited and focused (can you say Tomahawk missiles?) and giving countless other clues, that anything he does is likely to be useless.

There are more than two million Syrians who have been driven from their homes and who live brutal existences in desert camps set up by international relief agencies. This circumstance, this level of suffering, apparently left Obama’s conscience intact and undisturbed. But the death of approximately 1500 Syrians due to a chemical attack makes military action imperative and inevitable. Our national soul is at stake, should we fail to act!

Let’s face it, folks. Consistency is not this guy’s strong suit. He has supported the Occupy movement in this country more strongly than he has those who were our allies in the Middle East. Egyptian strong man Mubarak was a dictator, beyond question, and a pretty nasty piece of work. But he was firmly against radical Islam and kept it under control. That is, until Obama and the contrived Arab Spring uprising began bringing radical Muslims to power across the Middle East.

It is a fair argument to make that the days of America exporting and encouraging democracy and our vision of freedom across the planet are long gone . . . or should be.

The way to promote freedom and prosperity is to re-establish them at home. Being admired and envied from afar is much more effective than being despised from close by.

When I lived along the coast, we had dog hunting clubs who used various breeds to hunt and chase deer to areas where the hunters waited to kill the deer. Naturally, several dogs get lost during the hunts.

When all else fails in locating the lost dogs, the experienced, wily hunter has one last trick up his sleeve. He takes a shirt or coat he has worn and leaves it at the base of a tree. A day or so later, he returns and retrieves his dog, who has followed its nose to its master’s scent.

It seems to me that’s how you bring freedom to others – you make them seek it themselves. Once they make that decision, denying them that freedom is virtually impossible.