Seems to Me . . . For the record


By Stan Welch

Lordy! How long have we been chewing this piece of gristle that is Obamacare? How long has this debate gone on? Barack Obama took office almost five years ago, and the passage of the affordable care act was his premiere goal. To his credit, he made no bones about it. He stated clearly that he intended to fundamentally transform the United States, and Obamacare was clearly designed to do just that.

Somewhere along the endless trail that this legislation has followed, the one true and salient argument against this law, this social experiment, was lost. It became muted, drowned out by hundreds of talking heads either opposing it or supporting it.

I don’t care about being able to keep or not keep my existing plan I don’t care about being able to keep my doctor, or not keep my doctor. Actually, my doctor retired as a fairly young man rather than be subject to this law.

But I digress.

I do care that this arrogant, corrupt administration awarded a $600 million plus contract to a company that had personal ties to the Obama family, and that they did so without even reviewing the other bids.

I do care that the same bunch who passed this law in the first place voted to exempt themselves from it, and voted to exempt many of their political cronies as well. But even those facts pale when placed alongside the one true and compelling argument against this law.

The one true objection to this law, this Obamanation of a law, is simple. The federal government has no right, no authority to tell me what I have to buy, whether it be health insurance, or a blue suit, or a Buick instead of a Chevrolet. This is the crux of the matter, folks.

We are a free people, or at least we are supposed to be. Does it suck that many Americans don’t have health insurance? You’re darn right it does. But that doesn’t give the government the right to impose its idea of a solution on 330 million people.

I understand that the Supreme Court has upheld the affordable care act, saying that the penalties imposed for non-compliance are a tax; and therefore within the government’s authority to enforce. Bull manure! The Supreme Court has repeatedly ruled that the Second Amendment insures the individual the right to bear arms; but gun control groups, as well as this administration, refuse to accept that fact.

Well, by golly, I refuse to accept the fact that the government can require me to purchase health care. I state here and now, for the record, that I have no intention of complying with this socialist manifesto. I happen to believe that millions of Americans also agree. I believe that if the stupid website was humming along like Facebook, those millions would refuse to enroll.

It is my fervent hope and my most earnest plea that those millions of Americans turn out at the polls next June and next November and begin what will be a long, slow and probably painful process of reversing the disastrous course that this nation is on.

But whether they do or not, I will not surrender this most basic freedom to this administration, or any other.