PPSD approves roofing bid, delays paving


By Stan Welch

The Piedmont Public Service Commission awarded a contract Monday night for the reroofing of Fire Station Two, while delaying the award of a contract to pave the community building parking lot.

Lee Maxwell Roofing won the contract based on a low bid of $5790, with the option to upgrade materials to a thirty year shingle for an additional $340. Mike Eaton Painting and Roofing bid $5900 with a thirty five year shingle included; but the knowledge that a subcontractor would be used made the Maxwell bid more attractive.

Both companies are local businesses. The third bid of $6000 from a company outside the area was quickly disregarded.

The need for additional information on the paving contract led the Commission to delay awarding that contract. Two companies bid in the $28-$30,000 range while the third bid was approximately thirty per cent higher. That bid, however, included complete removal and replacement of the old asphalt, while the other two involved resurfacing.

Chief Tracy Wallace was instructed to review the bids and the specifications and to report back to the Commission in January. The Commission does not meet in December. The grant funds being used to pay for the repaving will be available until May of next year.

Chairman Ed Poore reported that the auditor’s report had been received and that it appeared to be a thorough report. He also pointed out that the contract for the auditor’s services will soon expire, and asked that Wallace and assistant administrator Craig Lawless be authorized to prepare a request for proposals (RFP) for the coming contract.

They were also authorized to investigate the possibility of refinancing the $256,000 balance on the newest fire truck. The current rate is 5.15%.