Anderson County Sheriff’s Report


Anderson County Sheriff’s Deputies investigated the theft of a vehicle valued at $25,000, a utility trailer and other incidents including:


Jan. 9 – S.L. Steward was dispatched to 1309 Cherokee Road where Richard Boggs reported that someone had broken into his garage and stolen a Meller Matic mig welder and a tank of gas for it. The loss was set at $800.

Jan. 10 – K. Evatt responded to 171 Grant road, where Charlie Allen reported that someone had broken into his van and stolen a check book and some CDs. They also broke into his shed and stole a DeWalt power saw.


Jan. 11 – S.L. Steward responded to Room 217 at 546 McNeely Rd. where Doreian Barberi reported that her friend had come to visit her and had stolen her laptop and her cell phone. Steward called the friend on the stolen phone and she admitted taking the items, but refused to return them because of a personal dispute with Barberi. Steward explained that the case would be presented to a magistrate and she responded that he should do what he had to do.

Jan. 11 – E.S. Russell and C.T. Purdy were dispatched to 501 Anderson St. where Tarsha Petrone reported that someone had broken into a storage shed for the second time in a week.

Jan. 12 – C.J. Hill was dispatched to 132 Grace Lane where Carol Morgan reported the theft of her Yamaha Grizzly ATV valued at $1500.

Jan. 13 – J.E. Scott responded to 990 Old Williamston Rd. where Jason Ellis, of Outdoor Concepts of S.C., reported the theft of his white and silver 1999 Ford F-450 truck, valued at $25,000.


Jan. 11 – A. Crump responded to 1220 Cely Rd. where Robert Grimes reported the theft of his black utility trailer, valued at $1100.

Jan. 12 – S.L. Steward responded to 519 Three Bridges Road where Larry Thompson reported the theft of the heating and air conditioning unit from the rental property. The loss was set at $1000.