Around the County . . .


Anderson County Public Works Department finished the month of January with a busy schedule with snow and ice adding to the work load. Total cost for the department for the Snow Event was $13,174  (Includes Roads & Bridges and Building & Grounds) The public works update for the week ending on Friday, January 31 included the following information.


· On Wednesday, after the snow/ice storm the previous night, a Notice To Airmen (NOTAM) was placed informing all aircraft coming to Anderson Airport that all runways, taxiways, and the ramp area were coated with solid sheets of ice. Unfortunately this caused several freighter aircraft that were bound for Anderson to divert to other airports with ice removal equipment. The NOTAM was lifted the following morning.

· On Wednesday, after the snow and ice the night before, there was a steady stream of trucks from the County’s Roads and Bridges dept. coming to the airport for loads of sand, which is stored on the field, to spread on iced up roads throughout the County.

Building and Codes

· DRAWINGS SUBMITTED: 12 New Single-Family Dwelling and 2 Addition/Renovation; 2 Detached Garage/Storage Buildings; 1 Pool; 4 Electrical and HVAC Upgrades; 6 Commercial Including: Hog Tails Bathroom Addition, Gas line installation for heaters to MCG Mechanical Services, Omega Farms – Subdivision Entrance Wall, Dollar General – Sign, McBride Auto Sales – Sign, Electrical for Oak Point Building # 9; 13 Mobile Home including: New Homes and Change of Ownership

· DRAWINGS SUBMITTED: Custom Collision Up-Fit located off of Camson Road, Sign for Dollar General in Williamston, Hog Tails Deck Addition located off Hwy. 76 towards Pendleton and Various resubmittals.

Development Standards

· Assisted engineering firm with data on the Wal-Mart located on Anderson Road in Powdersville.

· Working with engineering firm on the completion of Oaks of Shiloh Subdivision. There are 14 remaining lots that the bank has sold to a developer and they will be requesting permits early spring.

· LAND USE PERMITS APPROVED: Anderson County Convenience Centers, one located off Pickens Drive (Slabtown Community) and one located in the Carswell Community off of Audubon Place, Iva.


§  Residential Duplex (two units) located off of Brushy Creek Road, Easley

§  Heritage Trace Apartment Complex, 322 units located off of Highway 153.

§  New Springs Church located off of Highway 153 behind Wal-greens.

§  QT  Convenience Store, located off Highway 153( Final Review)


§  Riverwood Plantation located in the Pierce town Community, (Firetower Road) Developer is proposing to add a swimming pool and complete the clubhouse.

Planning & Community Development           

· Worked with Grants Writer to submit application for a Community Wide Brownfield Assessment Grant with preliminary target areas of Anderson University property adjacent to Rocky River Swamp and Pelzer mill sites.  Others to be identified if grant is received.

· Met with Transportation Division Director and Roads and Bridges Department to discuss submission to GPATS for Transportation Alternative Grants and/or Planning Grants.

Roads & Bridges

· No asphalt work this week due to the paver being in the shop for repairs and the limited days the asphalt plant is running due to weather. Chris Taylor Park walking track, Welcome Road (S-04-0096) and Alliance Parkway (C-06-0030) intersection, Dixon Road (C-09-0080) Box Culvert Project, and a ton of work orders are all waiting for asphalt to be completed.

· Old Bell Road (C-13-0017) pipe replacement will be completed shortly after Dixon Road (C-09-0080) is completed; staff is still making arrangements with property owner to lower the pond that is backed up on our roadway embankment at the cross-line location.

· Ditching crew improved the sight distance at the intersection of Belhaven Extension and Major Road.

· Bid documents for the Cherokee Road (C-18-0028) Three-Sided Precast Concrete Culvert were sent up to Purchasing for review and bid advertisement.

· Tuesday morning 10 guys were asked to go home for the day and return that evening at 5:30pm to work throughout the night responding to ice/snow forming on the roadways. Selected staff worked shifts around the clock until the threat was gone Thursday evening.

Solid Waste

· The Department of Health and Environmental Control has approved the Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan for the Slabtown Convenience Center. We can now go out for bid on the Slabtown and Carswell Convenience Centers.


· A cease and desist notice was issued to Three Bridges Road Subdivision. Sediment and erosion controls prescribed in the approved plans were not installed, and the required documentation was not present.

· Staff met with a representative of a proposed commercial project to determine what the stormwater requirements will be to develop the site since it was covered under a now expired DHEC stormwater permit.

· A renewed Intergovernmental Agreement is needed between Anderson County and The City of Belton in order for Anderson County to continue to administer Belton’s stormwater program for five (5) more years. A draft of this agreement was provided to City of Belton personnel for their review.


· ROW crew moved the gate and fence on the Beaverdam sewer line at Midway Rd. closer to the main road to prevent people from illegally dumping trash and debris onto the right-of-way.

· ROW crew repaired a sink hole in the pavement where a sewer service line was installed on Wildcat Cliffs drive in Cobbs Glen. The damaged pavement was removed and crusher run stone was applied and tamped. The Anderson County Roads and Bridges department will pave the cut with new asphalt.

· Researching ways to locate I & I (Inflow & Infiltration) problems in Stonehaven Subdivision. We are seeing a significant increase in flows during rain events which increase our pump runtimes and using pumper trucks to keep up with the flows.

· A link for the YourGov site is now on the County’s website. (See related story elsewhere in this issue.)