Greenville County Councilman Dan Rawls dies


NW09533_Rawls, DBy Stan Welch

Piedmont – The sudden death of Greenville County Councilman Dan Rawls shocked and saddened the Piedmont community, where Rawls lived for so many years. Rawls passed suddenly on Monday, with no warning. A cause of death has not been released at this time.

Also stunned and saddened were members of the Piedmont Public Service Commission, and staff. Those we spoke with were unanimous in their praise for Rawls and his service to the district.

PPSC Chairman Ed Poore said, “Dan was a fine man, and a great servant to his district. He worked hard to get the Piedmont area financial assistance, as well as our share of the county services. He lived here, and he understood his people. You could always get in touch with Dan, and he would always do whatever he could. His sudden passing is a real loss to his family and his community. It should serve to remind us all that life is precious.”

Piedmont Fire Chief and administrator Tracy Wallace echoed those sentiments, saying that Rawls had been one of the District’s best representatives in many years. “Dan got us back into the funding loop with the County Council, and he was always ready to go to bat for his district. The loss to the community will be a great one. His help in smoothing the way for our big sewer project was very important. That’s just one example of how Dan worked to help the people he served. He will certainly be missed.”

Rawls was in his first term on County council and would have faced reelection later this year. In addition to serving on the County Council Rawls served on a variety of other government, professional and civic organizations. He was a member of the county’s Public Safety and Human Services Committee; vice chairman of the Planning and Development Committee; a member of the Planning Commission; a member and past president of the Piedmont Lions Club; and a board member for the Ronald McDonald House. He was also a board member for the Appalachian Council of Governments.

Rawls is survived by his wife Brenda, his two children, and four granddaughters.