Pelzer looking at ways to curb litter, mischief on river


By David Meade

During their February meeting held last Friday, Pelzer Town Council addressed two issues, town elections and problems with littering and mischief on property along the river. Council also unanimously agreed to request the Anderson County Election Board take over running town elections in future.

Administrator Skip Watkins said he will check into the requirements necessary to have the town election process turned over to the county election board. Most, if not all of the municipalities in the county, have done the same. If the county agrees to handle the municipal election, no town election committee will be needed, Watkins said. finding people willing to serve on the committee has been a problem in thepast.

Two Pelzer residents who are leasing town property along the river asked the town to help with littering problems and other problems they are seeing.

Shane Smith said two huge holes on property behind his house are basically being used as a trash dump. Smith said various items including a toilet seat and duct work have been thrown in the holes recently.

Smith said people are driving into the area along the river and the boat ramp off Adger St. where they are doing drugs and drinking. There have also been instances where fires have been left unattended and shooting late at night.

In an attempt to curb some of the problems, Council agreed to have signage posted stating the areas are closed after dark.

Anderson County Sheriff’s Deputies and State Game Wardens will be patrolling the area and enforcing the new restrictions. Persons launching boats will still be allowed to use the ramp between dusk and dawn.