10 year old helps catch burglary suspects


Dallas Mahaffey, ten year old son of West Pelzer firefighter Dale Mahaffey, is being credited with raising suspicions about activity in his neighborhood that led to the arrests of two suspected burglars recently.

Dallas had just gotten home from school at West Pelzer Elementary School, where he is in the fourth grade, when he noticed a blue pickup truck cruising back and forth in the area, and showing special interest in the house of Rene and Rodger Dalrymple.Dallas became even more suspicious when he watched the truck’s occupants make several trips to the house and back.

He told his Dad about it when he arrived home and Dale Mahaffey called the neighbors; then, sensing something amiss, he called 911 next. As the truck left the area, father and son got in his truck and followed the strange vehicle, keeping it in sight while talking with a 911 dispatcher at the same time. When the blue truck hit the Greenville County line, a GCSO deputy on the side of the interstate pulled them over and took them into custody.

Alfred Lee Williams, of Liberty, and Sara Jane Wilson, of Easley, were charged with auto theft, unlawful possession of firearms, and burglary. ACSO public information officer Lt. Sheila Cole indicated that additional charges would be filed by Anderson County authorities.

Found in the truck were several items belonging to the Dalrymples, including electronics and jewelry. Dale Mahaffey said he was very proud of his son, who did exactly what he was supposed to do.

Dallas said he knew about neighborhood watches, but that it was his Dad who taught him to keep an eye on the neighborhood where they live.