Anderson County Sheriff’s Report


Anderson County Sheriff’s Deputies investigated shoplifting and theft incidents throughout the area. Deputies are also investigating an incident in which several shots were fired into a Williamton area home. Among incidents investigated are the following:


March 14 – J.G. Williams responded to 184 New Hope Road where Patricia Hughes reported that someone had stolen the AC unit, valued at $2500.

March 14 – C.L. Wilkinson was dispatched to 884 Bryant Road where Rudolph Floyd reported the theft of his Northstar generator, valued at $2800.


March 15 – C.L. Wilkinson responded to 207 R.B. Court where Kenneth Handcock stated that he and Tim Brown got into a scuffle over wages while Brown was helping Handcock do some work at his house. He said Brown struck him and assaulted him. No arrest was made and the complaint was withdrawn.

March 16 – J.E. Scott responded to 205 Saluda Dr. where Clifford Davis reported the theft of a Stihl leaf blower and a Craftsman pressure washer. The loss was estimated at $900.

March 7 – D.A. Hammond received a report at the ACSO headquarters from Devon Pawlus concerning the theft of credit cards from a residence.

March 9 – K.D. Lollis responded to 330 Mountain Springs Rd. where Richard Vinson reported that one of his workers, name and identity withheld by the ACSO, had borrowed his truck and hadn’t brought it back.

March 9 – J. Velez responded to Waffle House #582 at 112 Halter Dr. where the manager reported the theft of approximately $1000 from funds placed in the night drop.

March 9 – S.L. Steward was dispatched to 113 Middleton Place Dr. where Norman Markwell, property manager for Powers Properties, reported that a tenant had an accidental discharge of a firearm he was cleaning, resulting in damage to the apartment and to a neighbor’s car in the parking lot. The tenant, identified only as Chadwick, agreed to pay all damages

March 10 – C.C. Brazier responded to 205 Saluda Dr., Apt.. 39 where Kathryn Abercrombie reported that she had heard her car start and ran outside to see someone leaving in it. Brazier found it nearby in a ditch with several hundred dollars in damage to the front end.


March 14 – J.A. Bowen was dispatched to 57 Allie Campbell Rd. where Clayton Cantrell reported that several shots had been fired into his home, leaving holes and possibly damaging electrical wiring.

March 15 – C.T. McBee responded to 825 Joe Black Rd., Lot1 where he took Larry Bragg, WM, 45, 5’9″, 140 pounds, of Pelzer, into custody for public disorderly conduct.

March 15 – T.A. McCarley was dispatched to 1012 Welcome Rd. where Joyce Holcombe reported receiving two harassing phone calls from an unknown subject.


March 8 – J.G. Williams responded to 825 Joe Black Rd. Lot 47 where Debbie Wilson reported that Carcamo Lazano, WM, 36, 5’6″, 200 pounds had struck her during an altercation and also vandalized her van by striking it repeatedly with a broken mop handle. The damage was estimated at $2000. Lazano was taken into custody.


March 14 – C.L. Wilkinson responded to 1136 Lakeview Dr. where Mark Pritchard reported the theft of sunglasses from his vehicle. The loss was estimated at $200.

March 14 – Sgt. A.B. Singleton was dispatched to “Let’s Talk Hair” where Frances Reid reported the breaking and entering of her business location and the subsequent theft of approximately $11,000 in goods and equipment.

March 14 – ACSO desk officer P.C. Henry received a call from John Cox of Easley, stating that a subject had stolen his identity and established several credit card accounts in his name. He used the cards to purchase more than $3000 in merchandise.

March 15 – Sgt. A.B. Singleton was dispatched to the Dollar General Store at 3650 Hwy. 153 where Tara Wilke reported that a WF 20-30 years old, with long black hair, 5’6″, 160 , had used a counterfeit $100 bill to purchase a small amount of merchandise.

March 15 – J.D. Sparkman responded to the WalMart where he issued a summons for shoplifting to Jennifer Aquilar-Hernandez, WF, 34, 5’5″, 180 pounds.

March 16 – J.D. Sparkman responded to the WalMart where he arrested Edna Fowler, WF, 43, 5’4″, 150 pounds, brn/blue for shoplifting.

March 8 – C.C. Brazier responded to two separate incidents at the WalMart Superstore in Powdersville. Linda Crawford, WF, 43 was placed on No Trespass notice for the location. Given a summons/ticket for shoplifting was Brandon Holmes, BM, 20, of Muskegon, MI.

March 9 – J. Velez responded to a report of a missing person at 442 Hunt Road, where he mounted a search involving a helicopter and a blood hound and handler. Barry Thrasher, WM, 71, was last seen walking towards Wrenway Court several hours before. Thrasher had had some recent and ongoing medical issues which caused his family to be concerned. Thrasher was found by searchers in a heavily wooded area nearby. He had fallen and suffered a minor leg injury.