Anderson County taxpayers to get rebate


By Stan Welch

An administrative error by the County government has led to that rarest of government actions – a tax rebate.

Anderson County taxpayers will be receiving a 1.3 mill tax rebate on their next tax bill, said County Administrator Rusty Burns Tuesday. “ In recent weeks, our finance department began to notice that tax revenues were well above what we had anticipated. Upon further investigation, the cause became apparent. I had failed to apply a one mill tax reduction that the Council approved earlier this year. It was a simple, though inexcusable oversight,” said Burns.

In addition, the County’s economic development efforts have made several dormant properties viable once again, as new occupants have revived them as sources of tax revenue. That, along with robust growth in other areas, has resulted in an additional thirty million dollars in assessed value.

The rebate will result in approximately five dollars returned for each one hundred thousand dollars in the value of the home.