Repair company employee charged in theft from homeowner


The Anderson County Sheriff’s Office has arrested Justin Grey Smith, age 25, of Anderson, and charged him with Grand Larceny in connection with theft of jewelry from a county residence. According to the arrest warrant, between the dates of September 13, 2013 and October 12, 2013, Smith stole various items of jewelry from a residence on Providence Church Road in Anderson.

At the time of the theft, Smith was employed by a company which was renovating the victim’s home. Smith, who was arrested on April 8th, was being held at the Anderson County Detention Center. He was released Thursday evening on a $10,000 bond.

Sheriff Skipper cautions citizens, “Be careful who you hire to do work in or around your home. Get references and take the time to check them. Verify that they are licensed and insured for the State of South Carolina. A company with an updated license will not want to risk losing it, so they are more careful about the workers they hire. Regardless, don’t leave your valuables out in the open. Put them away. And don’t leave temporary workers alone in your home.”