West Pelzer addresses animal abandonment, flagpole location


At the April 8 meeting, West Pelzer Town Council passed an animal abandonment ordinance, discussed where the flag should be placed at Chapman Park and discussed a sewer problem affecting a local business.

Among the issues addressed and actions taken were the following”

West Pelzer Mayor Peggy Paxton presented Ordinance #2014-0311 “Ill Treatment of Animals, Abandonment of Animals; Proper Treatment and Tethering of Animals”. Mayor Paxton made a motion to accept second reading of Ordinance #2014-0311, 2nd by Councilman Rogers, all were in favor.

Councilman Rogers stated that he had spoken with Chief Clardy regarding a community watch program. It was agreed that Chief Clardy and Councilman Rogers would schedule a meeting in the coming week to discuss the details and form a plan.

Councilman Jeanes stated that he had spoken with Michael Mahaffey regarding old water lines in the town that need to be cut. Councilman Jeanes stated that he believed the town would be losing water and money until this issue is addressed.

Councilman Jeanes stated that the flagpole for Chapman Park was in and he was waiting on lines to be located so he could complete the installation. Councilman Jeanes stated that he had placed a stake in front of the park sign where he thought the flagpole should go.

Mayor Paxton stated that she did not agree with the suggested placement of the flagpole. Councilman Rogers suggested that they all go to the park and decide where the flagpole should go, all agreed. Chief Clardy stated that the Defenders Motorcycle Club would be contributing to the cost of the flagpole.

Michael Mahaffey addressed the council regarding an ongoing sewer issue at Lee’s Body Shop. Mr. Atkins has two restrooms in his business; the one in the front of the building has issues with sewer backing up and the restroom in the rear of the building was not able to be connected to a sewer line. Mahaffey asked the council to allow Mr. Atkins to install a septic tank for the rear restroom and stated that the front restroom issue would be addressed with the phase 2 sewer project.

Mayor Paxton read a statement from the Town Attorney Carey Murphy advising that Mr. Atkins first get approval from SCDHEC for the installation of the septic tank, then come back to council for consideration. Mr. Murphy also advised Council that the issue with the front restroom was not the Town’s responsibility. After discussion Councilman Jeanes made a motion for the Town to repair the line connected to the restroom in the front of the building, 2nd by Councilman Alexander. Councilman Jeanes, Alexander and Rogers were in favor. Mayor Paxton opposed.

The following items were addressed during the citizen agenda part of the meeting.

Joni Holt asked the council to reconsider the town’s ordinance that prohibits ownership of chickens in the city limits. Ms. Holt stated that most cities allowed farm animals and there were many benefits. After much discussion Councilman Sanders stated that he would prepare an ordinance for the next meeting.

Jim Riddle announced that he and his wife plan to open a mobile concessions food truck beside Chapman Park by the end of May.

Councilman Sanders presented council with a draft agenda for the council retreat/workshop scheduled May 3, 2014.

Councilman Sanders also presented council with information on Anderson County Owner Occupied Housing Rehabilitation and urged everyone to pass along the application to anyone they knew in Anderson County that may be eligible.