Council holds budget work session


During a budget worksession held Tuesday, Williamston Town Council discussed limb and leaf pickup schedules and possible changes in the Municipal Court. There was also some discussion about paving and use of hospitality tax funds.

Williamston Mayor Mack Durham said he is meeting with town workers about changing the pickup schedule to match the Ward with the Week of the Month, ie, Ward 1 will be picked up during Week 1, Ward 2 on week 2, Ward 3 on week 3 and Ward 4 on week 4.

The mayor said he would like to see the town focus on cleanup and town beautification and other special projects. Crosstraining and rotating people will help, he said.

Changes being considered in the municipal court system may include reducing the current one day a week court to once per month.

The mayor also said the town had received a request for $20,000 for indigent counsel representation in court. He said he will look further into the request.

There was some discussion about staffing for the police department.

The Williamston Police Department currently has 16 officers including three SROs and three administrators (including the Chief).

The department is requesting an additional admin person and an investigator.

Council will hold a budget worksession next Monday and possibly hold first reading on the budget at the May 5 meeting which will be at 6 p.m.