Trail project work may be underway by July


Picture – One of the areas through which a new multi-use trail will be constructed.

Williamston Mayor Mack Durham is hoping that a new multi-use trail in the center of town can be bid and constructed in time to officially open in August.

Durham, along with Councilman Rockey Burgess, Main Street Williamston Director Caroline Alex and trail planner Blake Sanders met with representatives of Goodwyn, Mills and Cawood enginering firm Monday to begin the process of getting the trail site survey, project details and bidding process underway as soon as possible. Plans are to begin work on the project in July.

Williamston was recently approved to receive a $100,000 SC Parks, Recreation and Tourism (PRT) grant for a multi use trail project. The grant is the first trails grant awarded in Anderson County.

The funds will be used for a 3000 ft. trail beginning at the Veterans Park, extending along Big Creek, passing under the Hwy. 20 (West Main St. bridge), past the old water treatment plant and then along the sewer outfall line, the town maintenance sheds and ending at Minor St. The trail will also enter the Veterans Park and go to Williams Street.

Durham said the trail will be on the town’s sewer right of way with a 10 – 12 ft. wide paved trail in the center.

The trail will be the first phase of plans to extend the trail toward the schools connecting them with the downtown area. Future plans may also include branch walking/biking trails.