Historic Williamston – Spring to Life


By David Meade

The Main Street Williamston Branding and Marketing “Charette” Team presented their newly created branding designs and slogan to the community Wednesday evening, receiving a round of applause when the presentation ended.

Ben Muldrow of Arnett Muldrow and Associates presented a statement explaining the new concept designs and a new slogan for the town, Historic Williamston – Spring to Life.

The new logo design features layers and textures interwoven as a drop of water. Mudrow said he felt they had created a brand that nurtures not just main street, but the entire town.

Muldrow explained varioius designs for different types of signs and various street banners. Spin offs of the main design included art for Historic Williamston, a new Spring Water Festival logo, a Boo in the Park logo, and others. Pictures featuring various houses, buildings and other features including the cemetery were shown with the new logo and how they could be used in promotional material.

The historic city seal featuring the mineral spring that most people are familiar was updated slightly, making it more ornamental and adding a banner stating the town was Established in 1852.

Muldrow said a style guide with the typefaces, colors and logo designs would be made available and can be shared with the business community for use in marketing.

The  entire presentation will be posted on Youtube and a new Main Street Williamston website as soon as possible he said.

Muldrow told the group he believes Williamston has tremendous opportunity and is “a hidden gem.”

“You truly offer something alot of other places don’t,” he said. “You have the proximity to Anderson and Greenville and the distance to maintain your own individuality.”

He added, “Williamston, along with the surrounding towns of Pelzer and West Pelzer combine historical assets to tell a story of this part of the upstate.”

 View the Main Street Branding presentation video