Williamston Police Report


Williamston Police Officers investigated a variety of incidents including two incidents involving animals running at large.

May 1 – Jason Lane Ellison, 17, no address, was arrested for two outstanding warrants after officers observed him as a passenger in a Jeep on Parker St. Lt. K. Ebernickle investigated.

Apr. 24 – Williamston Police Officers had to call for backup and chase a vicious dog back into a fence after officers were called to 120 Parker St. in reference to a very large pit bull dog. Upon arrival, the dog ran toward the patrol car and bared its teeth while barking ferosciously. Anderson County Sheriff’s Office and PAWS were unable to respond. Town employee Tim Gentry came to the scene but was unable to attempt to capture the animal due to its size.

Bob Maxwell of West Pelzer Police Dept. was called to help with the situation. Officers Marsee and Sanders kept the dog occupied at the fence line adjoining neighboring property while Maxwell opendd the gate to let the dog in. Marss and Sanders then chased the dog into the back fence using a patrol car. capt. K. Marsee investigated.

Apr. 29 – Polly Stone, 89, 11 Edgewood Dr., Williamston reported $80 missing from a purse after a white female was allowed to enter her house to use the bathroom. M. E. Simmons investigated.

Apr. 29 – Sharlene Dean, 46, 108 Market St, Wililamston reported an oxygen tank valued at $25 missing from the residence. J. Rogers investigated.

Apr. 30 – Michael Joseph Mims, 47, 16 W. Second St., Williamston was arrested for disorderly conduct after officers were dispatched to 105 W. 2nd St in reference to a subject disturbing the peace. An anonymous caller stated their neighbor was in the street cursing, hitting the stop sign and yelling. Officers had been dispatched to the address 19 times in the last month. T. L. Eichelberger, R. Drennon investigated.

May 1 – Harvey Roundtree, 43, 107 Williamston, Ct., Williamston was arrested for outstanding bench warrant after officers were dispatched to the address regarding the warrant. T. L. Eichelberger, R. Drennon investigated.

May 2 – James Albert Elrod, 47, 127 Davis St., Williamston was arrested for possession of a controlled substance and driving under suspension after officers received a call about a black Pontiac running into a ditch and possibly striking a fence on Gossett St. and Williams Street Ext. Williamston officers attempted to catch up with the vehicle which was headed out Parker Rd. and then onto Hwy. 20 toward Belton. Belton PD, ACSO and SCHPwere notified. Williamston officers stopped the vehicle at Sherrard Rd. off Belton Hwy. A prescription bottle was found in the vehicle with several unidentified pills and no label. It was later determined some of the pills were Xanax. Officers inspected the ditch and did observe some damage. The vehicle also had some damage to the right front side. Lt. K. Ebernickle investigated.

May 2- CaseyElizabeth Watkins, 18, 2111 Easley Highway, Piedmont reported an egg thrown at her windshield while on Anderson Dr. M. E. Simmons investigated.

May 3 – Rite Aid, 201 East Main St., Williamston reported an unknown subject called in a fraudulent prescription for 120 Norco tablets. J. B. Sanders investigated.

May 4 – Williamston police officers were dispatched to Greenville Dr. and Church St. in reference to a donkey and a small pony running loose in the area at approximately 7:15 a.m. After approximately 2 hours, the animals were returned to their home at 20 Moorings Dr.

At 11:54 they were out of their fence again. ACSO Animal Control was unable to take possession but responded to assist in returning the animals to thei enclosure. While waiting on animal control, the animals were being steered toward their home from Courtney St. and Greenville Dr., when a tractor trailer drove by and blew his air horn causing the animals to run at a high speed into the wooded area behind the library.

Officers helped the owner coax the animals our of the woods with a box of Apple Jacks in a bucket and they were led home on a lead. The animal’s owner, Deismond B. Wesley, 39, 20 Moorings Drive, was issued a citation for animals running at large.