Journal newsstand price now $1


If you didn’t notice last week, the retail newsstand price of The Journal changed from 75 cents to $1. The price change was necessary to keep up with rising costs associated with the production of a printed newspaper.

The last price increase was made eight years ago. In Feb. 2006, The Journal news stand price went from .50 cents to .75 cents. Prior to that, it had been 15 years since the price of your local newspaper had been increased.

Do you remember during the 1980s, when you could buy a copy of The Journal at one of three area grocery stores, for a quarter?

In Feb. 1990, The Journal news stand price went from .25 cents to .50 cents. Prior to the change to .25 cents, it had been another 15 years earlier when the price went from .15 cents to .25 cents.

Nobody likes price increases and that includes the staff here at The Journal.

After months of consideration, it was determined that we couldn’t wait another seven years to make the change.

The most recent factor in the decision was postal rate increases. The Journal relies on the US Postal Service to deliver to our subscribers. There have been 8 postal rate increases since 2006.

The last postal increase on newspapers, in January of 2014 was a six percent increase, three times the rate of inflation.

The Journal, like many other daily and weekly newspapers, has felt the impact of a sluggish economy and a decline in retail advertising coupled with an increase in costs.

We have remained one of the few, independent and locally owned newspapers in the state. When compared to those that have been bought or sold by newspaper chains and out of state owners, some multiple times, there is no comparison of the news and sports coverage we offer our local community.

We hope you agree.

The Journal has great and loyal readers and we appreciate you! Thank you for your understanding in this change.

A one year subscription to The Journal is now $42, $10 off the newsstand price, or about 80 cents per week.

David C. Meade

Managing Editor

The Journal