Anderson County Sheriff’s Report


Anderson County Sheriff’s Deputies investigated the following:


May 24 – M. D. Creamer responded to the WalMart store at 11410 Anderson Rd. where he placed John Demory, BM, 41, 5’8″, 172 pounds into custody for shoplifting. He was transported to ACDC where a hold was placed on him by Greenville County, where he was also wanted.

May 24 – M.D. Creamer responded to the WalMart store where he placed Timothy Hester, WM, 27, 5’9″, 170 pounds in custody for shoplifting. Hester originally lied about his identity, and was subsequently found to be wanted by the Pickens Sheriff’s Office. He was transported to ACDC and a hold was placed on him by PCSO.

May 24 – J.M. Pelfrey responded to 134 Kaleope Rd. where Ruben Vargas-Anaya reported that someone had broken into his home and stolen tools and other items valued at $1750.

May 24 – J.D. Sparkman was dispatched to the Greenville Memorial Hospital where he contacted Sharmala Hyde in the CCU. She said she had invited her baby daddy over, name and description withheld by ACSO, despite having a court order of protection against him. She said they were arguing and the next thing she knew, she woke up in the hospital. She could not remember being assaulted. Sparkman made contact with the unnamed subject who confirmed going over to her house, and having a conversation about some jewelry. He said he went outside and when he came back in, she was in the floor unconscious. He called EMS. The case will be presented to a magistrate.

May 25 – C.P. Huff was dispatched to the WalMart store where he placed Danyasha Spurgeon, BF, 23, 5’11″, 215 pounds, under arrest for shoplifting and for two counts of assault and battery, after she assaulted the two store employees who caught her.


May 25 – C.K. Cowan responded to 330 Lebby St. where Keith Simpson, of Hodges reported he had found a vehicle that had been stolen from him. He stated he had placed an ad on Craigslist seeking parts from the vehicle and when he responded to the location he was given at 214 Old River Rd. in Greenville County, he found his vehicle. No one was at the location. He declined to have it towed, saying he would return for it later. Two days later he reported that someone he had not contacted had towed the vehicle, and entered another stolen vehicle report.

May 25 – J.L. Martin responded to 1 McCaughrin St. where Brandon Dunn reported that an unknown white juvenile, 14/15 years old, 5’6″, 170 pounds had shot the windshield of his Jeep with a pellet gun, doing approximately $150 in damage.

May 26 – J. Velez responded to 31 Parker St. where Freya Epps reported someone broke in and stole a firearm, money and other items valued at $1230.


May 23 – J.M. Pelfrey was dispatched to 727 Iler St. where Billy McClain, WM, 75 reported that his son Randall McClain, WM, 52, had assaulted him. The victim was transported by EMS to GMH for treatment of his injuries which included three broken ribs, and Randall was taken to ACDC and booked for assault and battery.

May 23 – C.P. Huff was dispatched to 105 Craven’s Creek in reference to a report of a suspicious person. He subsequently contacted Loris McLeroy, WF, 35, 5’5″, 120 pounds, blond/blue who was sitting on a porch, spraying a garden hose and yelling. She was eventually placed in custody for public disorderly conduct and transported to ACDC.

May 25 – J.D. Sparkman responded to 403 Jameson Dr. where Calvin Harris, WM, 43 reported that he was approached in his garage by two armed black males who forced him inside, where they took him and the two females present into the bedroom where he had a gun safe. They forced him to open it and fled with firearms valued at $3500. One subject was described as 25/30 years old, light skinned, 5’10″, 210 pounds, a tat on his neck and a reflective safety vest on over a red shirt. The getaway vehicle was black and may have been a Land Rover.

May 26 – J.M. Pelfrey was dispatched to 129 Cool Meadows Dr. where he made contact with Gary Johnson, BM, 37, 190 pounds, who told him nothing had happened and he, Pelfrey, could leave. Pelfrey went to the house to speak to Jennifer Ferguson, WF, 42, 5’3″, 165 pounds, who stated that Ferguson had assaulted her. Pelfrey returned to Ferguson and told him to put his hands behind him to be handcuffed. Ferguson resisted and was eventually tased and arrested for criminal domestic violence, resisting arrest and assaulting a police officer.


May 23 – M.D. Creamer responded to 304 Beaverdam Rd. to a report of someone in the yard. He contacted Randle York, WM, 36, 5’5″, 135 pounds, brn/blue, who was lying in the pine trees along the driveway. He was subsequently arrested for public disorderly conduct. Creamer also found a current Georgia license tag in the grass. It was not reported as stolen, and York claimed no knowledge of it. It was placed in found property.

May 24 – M.T. Brooks responded to 102 Brian Court where Shawnessee Dawson, WF, 43, reported that she had come out of her bathroom to discover two young black males standing in her kitchen. They fled when she yelled. There was no sign of forced entry and nothing was taken.

Two days later, on the 26th, A.G. Banister was dispatched to the same location, where Dawson reported that someone had tried to force entry to her home and had damaged the door. The damage was estimated at $200.

May 24 – C.K. Cowan responded to 1525 Anderson St. where Weylin Anderson reported that his girlfriend’s ex-husband (name and description withheld by ACSO) had punched him in the face. The girlfriend and a store clerk corroborated Anderson’s story.

May 25 – B.C. Scroggs received a telephone report from James Kelly, of 112 McAlister Rd., who stated that someone had stolen the tag from his vehicle. The SC tag bore number FHW336.

May 26 – P.F. Elliott responded to 513-B Beaverdam Rd. where Gregory Turick, Jr. reported that someone had broken into his home and had stolen five firearms, valued at $2175.