Three arrested in Piedmont crime spree


The Anderson County Sheriff’s Office has arrested three people in connection with a recent crime spree in Piedmont. A fourth person involved was shot and killed by a Greenvill County Deputy last week in Piedmont and will not be charged.

Deputies arrested Michael Dewayne Harden, WM, age 20 of Anderson, last Thursday in connection with recent thefts in the River Road area of Anderson County. Harden, along with co-conspirators, Dylan Lamar Tiller, WM, 21, and Jordan Browder, WM, 22, both from Piedmont, are accused of breaking into numerous vehicles along Tall Oaks Circle, Madison Bridge Road, Pleasant Woods Road, Bentwood Drive in Anderson. The thefts occurred from late Saturday, May 31st through Sunday morning, June 1st.

Tiller is also (separately) accused of breaking into a vehicle on Parkwood Drive in Anderson on Thursday evening, May 29th. Of the 12 vehicles illegally entered by the suspects, none were confirmed as being locked.

Items stolen included purses, wallets, flashlights, binoculars, tools, GPS devices, and handguns. Credit and debit cards taken from the vehicles were used by the suspects to obtain goods and services in both Anderson and Greenville Counties.

Harden was booked at the Anderson County Detention Center on eleven (11) charges of Larceny/Breaking into a Motor Vehicle. Bond has been set at $55,000.

Dylan Tiller was booked at the Greenville County Detention Center on charges arising from incidents in that jurisdiction. Tiller was taken into custody by Greenville County Deputies. Anderson County has placed a hold on Tiller and has procured twelve (12) Larceny warrants for his involvement in the break-ins.

According to officials with the Sheriff’s Office, Jordan Browder who was shot and killed by Greenville County deputies during an altercation at the Citgo Gas Station on Piedmont Highway on Monday, June 2nd, will not be charged.

Tiller was the driver of the vehicle involved in that altercation. Greenville County did recover numerous items from the vehicle they took into evidence following Monday’s incident and Anderson County investigators also recovered additional items from a home belonging to one of the suspects’ relatives.

Investigators are working closely with Greenville County to identify all of the recovered property and return items to the proper owners. The lead investigator assigned to this case is requesting any River Road residents who may have experienced a vehicle break-in over the past weekend, and who have not yet requested a police report, to contact the Sheriff’s Office at (864) 260-4400.

These arrests are expected to clear at least three other pending cases.

Anderson County Sheriff John Skipper said, “We have always known that multiple crimes such as this are committed by only a few individuals. We are glad to get these three off of our streets. This is also a good example of why we continue to remind citizens to lock their vehicles, even in their own driveways. Thieves love to take advantage of unlocked cars.”