Williamston Police Report


Williamston Police Officers investigated thefts, vandalism and drug incidents during the second week of June. Among incidents investigated were the following:

June 9 – Butch Moore, reported vandalism at 2 Hospital St., in Williamston where a glass front door and a window were broken. Damage was estimated at $400. M. E. Simmons investigated.

June 10 – Annaliza Moore Tucker, 17, 4033 N. Hwy. 81 Anderson was arrested for simple possession of marijuana after being questioned by officers patrolling the Veterans Park. According to reports, officers found two baggies with marijuana totaling 4.1 grams in her purse. Tucker was issued a uniform traffic ticket (UTT) for the offense. Both Tucker and Jared Kowen were placed on trespass notice for the park. Cpl. L. E. Mulz investigated.

June 10 – Three people were placed on trespass notice from McDonald’s after officers were dispatched to 4 West Main St. in reference to a disturbance. Jason Ellison, 17, no address, Nicholas Scyphers and Shianne Gosnell (no additional information) were placed on trespass notice from the business. Cpl. L. E. Mulz, J. Rogers investigated.

June 10 – Officers investigated an incident in which a 24 year-old male was not acting right on Tripp St. According to reports the man’s eyes were glazed and he appeared to not fully understand simple questions. Officers determined he had been smoking synthetic marijuana. EMS was summoned and he was transported to AnMed Hospital. J. Rogers, Cpl. L. E. Mulz investigated.

June 11 – Briana Ashley Clark, 19, 619 HI Taylor Rd., Williamston was arrested for possession of a controlled substance after officers observed a blue 2005 Nissan fail to stop at the intersection of Gossett St. and Williams St. Upon investigation, officers found a container under the back seat in which Clark was sitting which contained four yellow pills inscribed V3601. The pills were believed to be Acetaminophen and Hydrocodone, a schedule III controlled substance. J. Sargent investigated.

June 11 – Angela D. Taylor, 48, 5 Beattie St. Pelzer reported tomatos being thrown at her car causing $50 in damage. The incident, which occurred on First Street, remains under investigation. G. Cremer investigated.

June 12 – Linda Elgin Foster, 67, 215 Mauldin St., Williamston reported a 12 gauge New England Firearms shotgun missing from the residence. The gun was valued at$200. R. Drennon investigated.

June 13 – Daniel Richard Morrison, Jr., 27, 1175 Old Pelzer Rd., Piedmont was arrested for posssession of methamphetamine and expired license plate after a black truck with no bed was observed on Greenville Drive with an expired tag. M. E. Simmons investigated.

June 15 – Lavar Jackson, 36, 315 Club Rd., Williamston was arrested for criminal domestic violence and disorderly conduct after officers responded to the laundromat at 12 Greenville Dr. in reference to a domestic dispute. PTL/SRO G. S. Hawkins, Sgt. T. D. Hoover investigated.

Later the same day, Jackson reported that $60 and an Ipod valued at $250 had been taken from his 2009 Nissan Mixima which remained in the parking lot at 12 Greenville Dr. after he was arrested. C. Samuel, Cpl. L. E. Mulz investigated.

June 14 – Lisa McAbee Sammons, 50, 416 Belton Dr., D6 reported pills valued at $425 taken from her purse. The incident remains under investigation. G. Cremer, Sgt. T. D. Hoover investigated.

June 17 – Sharon Lynn Shaw, 6 E 4th St., Williamston reported a Stihl chanisaw valued at $210 taken from a truck at the residence. J. Sargent investigated.