Ragsdale announces for Williamston Town Council


JoanWilliamston resident and business owner Joan Ragsdale announced this week that she plans to run for the Williamston Town Council Ward 2 seat. Ragsdale resides on Hamilton Street.

“Today I am proudly announcing my intention to seek election to Williamston Town Council, Ward 2, on November 4,” Ragsdale said.

“I believe that Williamston is heading in the right direction, but I also believe that our Town Council needs members who will guarantee that our quality of life remains as a high priority. My background as a businesswoman, and a leader for over 41 years in a Fortune 500 company, provides me with abilities to help our great town as we move forward. As a solution-oriented leader, I will work for what is best for our town and our citizens.”

Ragsdale graduated from Palmetto High School and Forrest College. She is currently involved with the Main Street Program, is an Advisory Board member, Chair for the Organization Committee and is also a Board Member for PACAC. She is the Owner of The Pink House Antiques on East Main Street in Williamston and serves as Director of Human Resources with Fluor Corporation.

“My family has lived, worked and worshipped in this community for over 120 years, and I am very passionate about my hometown. Coming from a large family, I grew up understanding the importance of working together and doing it well. I am not a politician, but I am a product of Williamston,” she said. “I am a neighbor who believes in the people of this town. I am a proud mother who raised her son in this town. I have developed my leadership skills throughout my career, and I am proud to call Williamston my home.

Ragsdale said she treasures Williamston’s small town atmosphere, and is committed to “making certain that we chart a course that maintains a fiscally responsible, and vibrantly growing town.”

“Ensuring that our town continues to be a place where others can raise a family, enjoy a career, and know their neighbors in the coming years will take team work, perseverance, commitment, vision and leadership. My promise to you is that I will always do my best,” she said. “I will be the kind of Councilwoman who always honors your opinion and remains focused on what is right for our Town. Now is my time to give back to the place and people who have been instrumental in shaping me into the person I have become.”

Ragsdale said she is excited about the campaign and looks forward to talking with the people of Williamston about how her expertise, background and love for Williamston can contribute and continue moving the town in the right direction.

“I will be the Councilwoman who always keeps in mind that we serve the public and that we cannot take that public for granted. With your vote of support in November, we can truly make a difference in our town. Positive leadership is my commitment to the citizens of Williamston.”