Powdersville, Belton water not affected by pipe break


The Powdersville Water system and Belton City Water has not been affected by the pipe break experienced by the ARJWS officials said today (Thursday).

Powdersville Water has the ability to draw water from three sources for their system, a Powdersville Water company spokesperson said. Powdersville can obtain water from Easley Combined Utilities, Greenville Water or Anderson Regional Joint Water. Powdersville has not obtained water from ARJWS since the system began having taste and odor problems several weeks ago.

Belton Combined Utilities Director Scott Hanks said The City of Belton receives water from the Belton Honea Path Water Authority and that source HAS NOT been affected.

 “If you are a customer of the City of Belton Water Department – if you pay your bill to the City of Belton; the boil water advisory DOES NOT apply,” Hanks said. Hanks said he has been inundated with calls Thursday morning. 

The Anderson County Courthouse located at 100 South Main Street and the Anderson County Magistrates Court at the Ronald Townsend Government Building were both closed today (Thursday) officials said. Many Anderson restaurants and businesses were also forced to close due to lack of water.

Anderson Regional Joint Water System officials are urging Anderson County residents who rely on the system to continue to boil and conserve water due to a major pipe failure on Wednesday night.

The pipe break has been repaired as of 5:30 a.m. Thursday and system workers are repressurizing the system and beginning to provide treated water as of 7:15 a.m., Willett said.

Other ARJWS customers are advised to boil their water for at least one minute before drinking or cooking with it, officials said.

The initial notice issued late Wednesday was for customers of Anderson City Utilities, Homeland Park, Starr-Iva and Broadway water districts.

However the notice was expanded to customers throughtout the system early Thursday morning.

The Anderson Regional Joint Water System has issued a boil water notice to include West Anderson Water District, Hammond Water District, Town of Pendleton, Sandy Springs Water District, Town of Williamston, Big Creek Water District, City of Clemson, Clemson University, in addition to the residents of Electric City Utilities, Homeland Park, Star-Iva Water District, and Broadway Water to vigorously boil their water for at least one minute prior to drinking or cooking. The Joint Water System urges all customers served by the System to conserve as much water as possible, and limit all non essential water usage.