Williamston water levels also critical


According to Town of Williamston Water Department Head David Rogers, the situation with the Anderson Regional Joint Water System (ARJWS) pipe break was critical overnight. Rogers said the ARJWS McAlister Road tank was down to about 8 feet of water and Williamston water department would begin seeing a major decline soon after that tank ran out.

Rogers said knowing that Anderson City was without water and having fire departments bring water to the AnMed Hospital air condition system Wednesday night was a big concern for him. The concern is not only for customers not having water, but the fact that it could affect the ability of firefighters to fight a fire if necessary.

He thanked Williamston water customers for the efforts in conserving water.

 Rogers said he was told the ARJWS pipe break had been repaired by Thursday morning, however the town’s water supply remains critical. Other parts of the system around Anderson are being brought up from zero and will be the first to receive water. Rogers said those systems are being brought up slowly. Once they are safely online, the outlying areas will be resupplied.