Williamston awarded $445,000 grant for sewer upgrade


By Stan Welch

The Town of Williamston has been awarded a Community Development Block Grant in the amount of $445,000 to be used in upgrading sewer lines in the Pinecrest Circle area. The project is one that has been under consideration for some time, according to Williamston Mayor Mack Durham.

“We have some real problems with lines in that area. Some of them are exposed and the inflow and infiltration problems, especially during a heavy rain event, are substantial. We were going to have to do something about the problem no matter what, so getting this grant is a real godsend.”

“We applied for the grant awhile back, and Senator O’Dell put in a good word for us. Senator O’Dell has always been a good friend to the town of Williamston, and this area. I don’t know what we’d do without him,” said Durham.

Senator O’Dell acknowledged the funding challenges that his District’s municipalities face in keeping their infrastructure up to par. “Williamston has worked hard in the last few years to address their water and sewer issues, and it’s always good to be able to get these grants when you can. My office was glad to be able to play a part.”

David Rogers, director of the public works department, said the project will involve replacing 3100 linear feet of antiquated eight inch clay pipe with ten inch PVC lines, eliminating the I&I probems, as well as cutting out a sewer pump station in the Pinecrest Circle area. Seven additional manholes will be installed as part of the project.

The project has to be well underway within six months, and completed within two years. Durham said the project will be turned over to the Town’s engineering firm and will be let for bids as soon as possible. “The Fourth of July holiday might set us back a week or so, but we’ll get cracking on this. It’s been a problem for too long already,” said Durham.