Water color should return to normal soon


Following the recent water line break experienced by the Anderson Regional Joint Water System, officials said this week that all water samples drawn and tested confirm that water being delivered is free from contamination and meets all primary standards for health and safety.

According to Scott Willett, executive director of the system, portions of the system are experiencing some increased turbidity and increased color in the water. The discoloration is expected as the refill of the water system resulted in sediments that are always present in water systems storage tanks and pipelines being resuspended.”

Water produced by the treatment plant and pumped into the distribution system does not exhibit any discoloration, Willett said.

Anderson Regional Water and its member agencies are conducting an extensive flushing program to help remove any discolored water from the System.

“As the water containing suspended material is flushed, water clarity should return to normal. We would anticipate noticeable improvement in water clarity with the next day,” Willett said. “The recently installed PAC feed system has resulted in improved water quality with a noticeable decrease in objectionable tastes and odors.”

Willett said, “Anderson Regional Water remains committed to providing safe affordable water to our community. We apologize for any inconvenience.”