Anderson County Sheriff’s Report


Anderson County Sheriff’s Deputies investigated the following incidents:


July 25 – S.L. Steward responded to a construction site on Three Bridges Rd. where project manager Jerry Pittman reported that someone had driven a bulldozer into another bulldozer, doing $43,000 worth of damage to the equipment.

July 25 – C.C. Brazier was dispatched to 408 Roe Rd. where Jennifer Johnson reported that someone had damaged her 2007 Jeep with paintballs. The damage was estimated at $500.

July 26 – C.S. Hayes received a telephone report at the duty desk from Stanley Hart who reported that the license tag (SC # KDD 734) from the van belonging to Cornerstone Community Church had been stolen.

July 26 – S. Dunlap responded to a report of assault and battery at 2127 Sitton Hill Rd. Reports state he saw a car on the side of the road with two subjects talking to the driver. When he pulled over, the subject Victor Farmer, WM, 17, 5’10″, 170 pounds ran into the woods. When Dunlap arrived at the house, Jeffrey Howell, WM, 43, reported that Farmer had struck him several times during an argument. Howell, who had undergone heart surgery several months ago, was transported by EMS to Greenville Hospital.

Deputy Dunlap later was dispatched to 101 Country Lane, in reference to a possible domestic disturbance. Upon arriving he found Farmer in the kitchen of his mother, Tonya Farmer. This time, when Farmer fled, Dunlap caught him. Farmer was arrested on charges of disorderly conduct and burglary. He was arrested and taken to ACDC.


July 25 – P.A. Cochrane responded to 241 Clardy Rd. where Randall Holcombe reported that he had sold a truck the day before and had been paid in counterfeit fifty dollar bills. When he used the money to buy another truck, the seller’s bank caught the bills when they were deposited the following day. According to Cochrane, the bills were printed on plain white paper, and were not exactly centered on the page. Holcombe said the male was white, skinny, in his 20s-30s with a shaved head. The female was described as skinny, white, with long brown hair.

July 25 – P. D. Marter was dispatched to 33 Square St. where Mary Kelly reported that someone had damaged her window screens attempting to gain entry to her home. Damage was estimated at $200.

July 26 – P.D. Marter responded to K-Co at 6931 Hwy. 29N where Ken Cooley reported that someone had cut through his fence and stolen a generator, a cooler and some scrap metal. The loss was set at $750.


July 25 – C.S. Hayes received a telephone report at the duty desk from Karen Richardson who reported the theft of her license plate.

July 26 – P.D. Marter responded to 1722 Hwy. 86 where a victim reported that someone had smashed her car window and stole her purse, containing a checkbook, credit cards and currency in the amount of $400.

July 27 – P.D. Marter was dispatched to 218 Cason Rd. where John Knox reported that someone had entered two trucks during the night and had stolen items, including a Ruger LCP-380 pistol, valued at $400.

July 28 – S. Dunlap responded to Archie St. where he located Brian Henderson, WM, 23, 6’2, 150 pounds roaming the street and yelling. He was acting like he was a law enforcement officer and talking to imaginary subjects. He was placed in custody for disorderly conduct and taken to ACDC.

July 27 – P.D. Marter was dispatched to 11 Anderson St. where John Holladay reported that someone had entered the work yard at Enel Green Power Energy and siphoned $60 worth of gas from three work trucks.


July 26 – B. Vaughn responded to 128 Old Field Circle where Stefanie Davernport reported an assault by her ex boyfriend. The report provided by the ACSO is so devoid of names and descriptions as to be essentially worthless. It does appear that Davenport, WF, 31, was assaulted and a knife held to her throat. She also was robbed of her cell phone and debit card.

July 27 – K. Evatt was dispatched to 103 Oakland Terrace where Wayne Hall reported the theft of his yellow and black Mongoose 21 speed bicycle. The bike is valued at $150.

July 27 – K. Evatt responded to 615 Mountain View Rd. where Timothy Prince reported the theft of his 42 inch Murray lawn tractor, valued at $4000.

July 27 – A.G Banister was dispatched to 206 Willingham Rd. where Shane Goodwin said that he had arrived at the location to visit a friend but a subject, name and description withheld by ACSO, raced towards him in a car and when Goodwin jumped off his moped for safety, the driver ran over his scooter and fled. A witness corroborated the story. The loss was estimated at $1000.

July 27 – J.G. Williams responded to 130 Breazeale Dr. where Jason Ellison, WM, 18, 5’10″, 170 pounds reported receiving threatening phone calls. During the contact, it was discovered that Ellison was wanted by the Anderson Police Department on a warrant and he was taken to the city limits and turned over to the APD.