High speed chase ends just across county line


    The driver of a vehicle was injured Friday night when a high speed chase, which began in Williamston, ended in a wreck just across the county line in South Greenville County. Williamston police officers responded to some type of disturbance call at a Greenville Drive business shortly before 10 pm. A car sped away from the business traveling north on SC 20. According to West Pelzer Police Chief Mike Clardy one of his officers clocked the car at 104 miles per hour in a 35 mile per hour zone in West Pelzer.

    The West Pelzer officer began pursuit after the car would not stop. The driver turned his lights off and on as he continued north on SC 20. As the driver drove into Greenville County on the bridge over the Saluda River he apparently lost control of the car. The car went off the left side of the roadway and went air born into a junk yard where it landed upside down. The driver was rushed to Greenville Memorial Medical Center by Pelzer EMS. Piedmont firefighters also responded and assisted paramedics. Pictured – Williamston police (left rear) and West Pelzer police officer Chris Brewer survey the scene Friday night following the high speed chase. I(Photo by David Rogers)

    High Speed Chase ends with injuries

    West Pelzer Police Captain Chris Brewer was involved in a high speed car chase Friday night that ended with the perpetrator crashing, and being transported to the hospital with significant injuries.

    A little before ten o’clock Friday night, Brewer was notified that Williamston Police were in pursuit of a silver Chevrolet sedan being driven by a suspect reported to have pistol whipped a victim at the Burger King on the north side of Williamston. Brewer positioned his cruiser at the Advance Auto Parts Store on Highway 20, the described route of the fleeing suspect.

    It didn’t take the Chevrolet long to arrive – or to pass Brewer. Brewer estimated the car’s speed at 106 miles an hour (in a 35 mile an hour traffic zone). The speed was confirmed by radar at 104 mph. Brewer pursued with lights and siren, and was in time to see the car lose control just past the Saluda River bridge, and go airborne.

    The vehicle flew over the fence of a scrap metal salvage yard located there. The yard sits approximately twenty feet below the road bed. Brewer left his cruiser, and after climbing the fence, approached the vehicle with his weapon drawn. The suspect was scrabbling around seeking his weapon when Brewer approached.

    For his own safety and that of other officers arriving on the scene, Brewer handcuffed Xavier Kadeem Curenton, BM, 23, 5’10”, 230 pounds, of Ray Street in Greenville. A subsequent search of the vehicle revealed a silver in color Ruger handgun in .45 caliber.

    Curenton suffered significant injuries and remains in the Greenville Memorial Hospital at this time. He has been charged with reckless driving, failure to stop for a blue light, no driver’s license, and a seat belt violation. West Pelzer Police Chief Mike Clardy reports that Curenton has a criminal record and will therefore face additional charges for illegal possession of a firearm, and other possible charges related to the original incident in Williamston.