Deputies called to Saluda River site several times


What was originally reported by The Journal – Online as a Saluda River rescue  on Saturday turned out to be one of several incidents in which deputies were called to a site on the river involving persons under the influence of alcohol.

By Stan Welch

Greenville County Sheriff’s deputies, along with the South Greenville Fire Department were kept busy Saturday night responding to calls to the Saluda River. The incidents took place at 349 Hamby Road.

GCSO deputy Chris Hoyes responded to a call concerning a possible assault and armed robbery at approximately 9:40 p.m. Several people, all of whom had been drinking, reported that two men had come down to the site below the bridge and had claimed to have a firearm, demanding valuables and property.

GCSO public information officer Jonathan Smith stated that the deputy was unable to determine if an actual crime had taken place. The deputy reported that none of the witnesses saw anyone actually point or present a firearm, and nothing appeared to have been taken from anyone. SGFD personnel assisted two people in climbing the muddy embankment leading up from the river.

Deputy Brian Lovelace responded to the same site an hour or so later, where he took Jerry Wayne Owen, WM, 27, 5’8″, 130 pounds, of Airline Dr., in Anderson, into custody on a charge of disorderly conduct.

Deputy Hoyes then responded to the site where he found Jessica Kala Evans, WF, 29, 5’2″, 140-170 pounds, of Bentz Dr. in Piedmont, standing in the river, and according to Smith, “staring at the trees and talking to herself. “ When Deputy Hoyes tried to coax her from the river, she began to curse him and threaten him with bodily harm. After finally talking her out of the water, he said she ran to the SGFD vehicle that was responding and tried to jump in the window.

As Hoyes approached, she again began cursing and threatening him and she took a swing at him. He took her into custody and placed her under arrest for assault and battery in the third degree, resisting arrest, and threatening the life and well being of a public official.