Anderson County Sheriff’s Report


Anderson County Sheriff’s Deputies investigated the following:


Sept. 26 – J.M. Pelfrey responded to 405 Ragsdale Rd. where Teddy Walls reported that theft of his 8X16 dual axle utility trailer, valued at $2500.

Sept. 26 – P.C. Henry was dispatched to 112 Pine Dale Dr. where Matthew Crumley reported the theft of a Gecado .22 caliber pistol, valued at $200.

Sept. 26 – D.A. Hammond received a telephone report from Joshua Boyd of 304 Rockford Dr., concerning the theft of his Echo leaf blower, valued at $250.

Sept. 27 – J.E. Scott responded to 110 Shadow Oaks Dr. where Jeffrey Duncan reported the theft of his Husqvarna leaf blower valued at $300.

Sept. 28 – S.R. Wideman responded to 309 St. Paul Rd. to the John Wesley Methodist Church, where John Breazeale reported that someone had vandalized the air conditioning unit and stolen some copper. The unit, a total loss, was valued at $5700. Forensic evidence was collected from the scene.

Sept. 28 – B.C. Johnson received a telephone report from Howard Jaillete concerning the theft of various tools and assorted craft supplies from his garage. The loss was estimated at $400.


Sept. 26 – J.R. Brunson was clearing a crime scene when he observed a vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed. Following a brief pursuit, the vehicle turned into a driveway and drove around to the back of the house. Brunson apprehended Gabriel Cox, WM, 29, 5’11″, 180 pounds, brn/blue, of Pendleton. Dispatch confirmed that Cox was driving under suspension, and a subsequent search revealed a container of pills which proved to be hydrocodone. Cox was placed under arrest and taken to ACDC.

Sept. 29 – S.D. Cole and reserve deputy C. Tillison responded to 2107 Hwy. 20 where Steven Hardy reported that someone had entered his tractor trailer, belonging to Bulldog Hiway Express trucking company and had stolen items valued at $170.


Sept. 26 – J. Chua received a telephone report from Chris Mahaffey of 11 Anderson St. Mahaffey reported the theft of a license tag from a work truck belonging to Enel Green Power.

Sept. 26 – J.P. Lahusky responded to the intersection of Hwy. 81 and River Oaks Circle, where he found Dorothy Parsons, WF, 29, 5’6″, 100 pounds, brn/hazel, unconscious in her car. She was found in possession of drugs and paraphernalia and was taken to ACDC.

Sept. 27 – C.M. Turner responded to 905 Wren School Rd. to Wren High School where Bryson Davis reported that someone had slashed two tires on his Jeep, causing $500 damage.

Sept. 27 – J.E. Scott responded to 29 Haynes St. where Butch Barbre reported the theft of a propane tank valued at $300.

Sept. 28 – J.M. Pelfrey was dispatched to 105 Elrod Place where Chris Mathis reported the theft of lawn and garden equipment and other hand tools, valued at $1050.


Sept. 26 – P.C. Henry responded to 110 Bragg Dr. where Alexander Lugo reported that someone had stolen his identity and used it to open an unemployment claim with the S.C. Dept. of Employment and Workforce. Lugo learned of the event when SCDEW contacted him about a change of address.

Sept. 27 – C.K. Cowan responded to 611 Beaverdam Rd., where Summer Holcombe reported the theft of an ATV valued at $1200.

Sept. 28 – B.C. Johnson received a telephone complaint from Bromley Huff, of 1900 Beaverdam Rd. that someone had stolen three bicycles from his home, valued at $200.

Sept. 28 – B.C. Johnson received a telephone report from Tina Via, of 114 Windfield Dr. that someone had stolen her license plate from her vehicle.

Sept. 29 – D.P. Stipe responded to 107 Nickie Dr. where Melody Schrader claimed that her husband, Harold Schrader, WM, 55, 5’10″, 140 pounds, brn/hazel, had assaulted her during an argument. After speaking with both and reviewing the evidence, Deputy Stipe placed Harold under arrest for criminal domestic violence, and Melody was transported to the hospital by EMS.