Burgess hopes to continue accomplishments by town


Incumbent Ward 2 Councilman Rockey Burgess is a lifelong resident of Williamston and a business owner. His business, Autech, LLC, is located within the Town of Williamston. He has many years of public service in the US Army and the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office.

“I believe that in order to best serve the interests of the town, council members must take an active role in the processes that bring about success. That means rolling up your sleeves and not being afraid of hard work,” Burgess said. “Since being elected, I have done just that. I have worked hard and will continue to work hard to make things happen.”

I am proud of the accomplishments that have been made since I was elected in April of 2013.

Burgess said the town has remained under budget in 2013 by $276,000.

· Numerous park improvements

· Funding of special events such as Party in the Park that give our residents something to do and draws in people from the surrounding community to see what Williamston has to offer

· Funding of Palmetto Cultural Arts Center

· Acquisition of a Community Development Block Grant of $445,000 to upgrade sewer infrastructure in the Pinecrest Circle area of Ward 2

· Acquisition of $220,000 in C-Funds to repave Ellison Street and Hill Avenue.

· Forming of a local Farmers Market

· Securing $100,000 in grant funding for our trails project

· Funding of the Williamston Main Street SC program

· Beginning of GIS mapping of our water & sewer infrastructure

· Beginning phases of the development of a Master Plan for our town

· Several ordinances have been updated to better fit the needs of our community.

“I have a vested interest in the success of our town. I pledge to continue to work hard to ensure a successful future of the town.”

Priorities for Burgess for the next four years include:

· Maintaining a properly balanced budget

· Developing long range plans to upgrade our water & sewer infrastructure.

· Replacement of old meters with new radio read meters to make better use of our employees’ time

· Securing funding to repair the entrance to Gatewood Subdivision

· Repairing/replacing aging roads in our town

· Creating an environment conducive to local business growth

· Support of events and activities that promote our town in a positive way

“I have invested a lot of time and energy into making a difference in our town,” Burgess said. “Proven leadership is important in this election and with your vote of confidence on November 4th, I will continue with my efforts to make our town a better place to live, work, play and start a business.”