Around the County . . .


These are various actions planned and/or performed by the various divisions of the public works department. These actions are only the ones which took place in the readership area of The Journal.

Planning Division

Appropriate permitting staff from B&G, Dev. Standards, R&B, Stormwater, & Wastewater met at the Economic Dev office for a permit coordination meeting with Fluor Engineers and Duke Energy officials to plan for the upcoming expansion at the Lee Steam Plant.

Building and Codes

Plant Review Staff Meetings: 1) Met with Charter Communications Representative to review an existing building where they want to relocate operations. The existing building is approximately 20,000 sf. A Life-Safety Plan is required to be submitted and approved prior to permit issuance.

2) Met with Contractor to discuss plans submitted for Orian Rugs – Yarn Warehouse Addition. Sprinkler Specification Sheet, COMCheck Compliance Information as well as Special Inspection Information will be submitted once initial Review Comments go out to the Contractor.

  *   PERMITS SUBMITTED: 28 New Single-Family Dwelling and 1 Addition-Renovation; 4 Detached Garage/Storage Buildings; 12 Demolition; 1 Swimming Pool; 8 Electrical and HVAC Upgrades; 1 Replacement.

  *   COMMERCIAL PERMITS: Red Tomato Restaurant – Commercial Hood, Re-Roof of Anderson Bakery, HVAC Change-out for Rock of Ages Baptist Church, Electrical for Christmas Tree Sales, Addition to 3 & 20 Fire Department

  *   13 Mobile Home permits including: New Homes, Change of Ownership, moves from other counties, change of location, etc.

  *   DRAWINGS SUBMITTED:  Merritt Project Up-Fit located off Anderson Street in Piedmont, Orian Rugs Yarn Warehouse Addition off Hwy 81, Quick Trip Sign off Hwy 153 and Hwy 81, Verizon Wireless Equipment Shelter Building in Williamston and various resubmittals

Development Standards


§  Planning Commission will hear a proposed commercial subdivision request to allow for fourteen (14) commercial lots located off of Highway 81North and Scenic Drive. The meeting is scheduled for December 9, 2014 at 6:00PM.

§  Land Use Board of Zoning Appeals will hear a variance request to allow for an additional multi-tenant sign for Center Pointe Shopping Center. The meeting is scheduled for December 11, 2014 at 5:00pm.


§  Six and Twenty Addition of an antenna and equipment shelter to existing tower located on Six & Twenty Road.

§  Floodplain Development Permit for a proposed swimming pool located in Birch River Subdivision.


§  Caledonia, received approval from FEMA for Lots 74-86. Elevation Certificates will be required for each lot to insure that the homes are constructed above the 100 year flood plain.

§  Midway Ridge Subdivision located off of Midway Road. The subdivision is a Planned Development. The applicants have been referred to the Planning Department for their review for an amendment to the Planned Development.

§  Proposed 4 Lot Commercial Development located near I-85 and Highway 153 towards the Toll Road. Engineer to contact Roads and Bridges Engineer regarding commercial road standard requirements.


§  Centerpointe Retail Shopping Center-Large Free Standing Identification Sign.

Interstate Tire located off of Highway 8 and Auction Drive.


§  Stanco located on Alliance Blvd. Anderson. A cash bond will be submitted in lieu of plantings and landscaping requirements due to the time limit to keeping production moving. Landscaping requirements will be completed within six (6) months.

§  Crab Apple Multi-Family Apartments located near Standridge Road Anderson.


§  Illegal Signage Midway Road and Hopewell Road.

§  Signage has been removed from Highway 81N.


  *   Staffed the Planning Commission meeting where two rezoning requests were heard. Request one is to rezone +/- 1.6 acres on the corner of Club Rd. and Beaverdam Rd. from R-20 to R-D. Request two is to rezone +/- 3.5 acres on Club Road, Breazeale Dr. and Beaverdam Rd. from R-20 to R-D. Both requests were approved unanimously.


Roads & Bridges

*   Cheddar Fire Department parking lot patched by asphalt crew.

Solid Waste

*   Construction is continuing on the Slabtown and Carswell Convenience Centers. Grading and compacting is being done at both sites to get ready to pour concrete for the 40-yard container areas and the compactor areas.

  *   Staff recovered some illegal drugs at the Anderson Regional MRF on November 7, 2014 that came out of one of our recycling loads at the MRF. Staff contacted the Sheriff’s Department immediately. The Sheriff’s Department is still investigating and has arrested one suspect at this time.  *   Environmental Enforcement responded to an illegal dumping on Stone Dr. in Williamston, SC. Enforcement does have a lead on the person responsible. Staff did go out to the site and cleaned up 12 bags of trash.

  *   Environmental Enforcement spent time at the King David Convenience Center educating residents on properly covering their loads on November 12, 2014. There were 36 uncovered loads that came into the site in only 2 hours.

  *   Individuals broke into the Whitefield Convenience Center to steel metal out of the 40-yard container and materials from the Haven of Rest Box on November 9, 2014.

  *   Staff is continuing to provide a 40-yard container to West Pelzer to help them with cleaning up some limbs and taking them to the Starr C&D Landfill.

  *   Staff repaired safety chains at the Slabtown and Townville Convenience Centers this week.


*   The cease and desist issued to Proposed Retail Store #4443 at Reed Road and Hwy 81 N. due to land disturbing activity outside the limits of the permit was lifted. The soil placed on the adjacent property has been removed, the area seeded, and a plan modification was approved.


*   Pulled pump #1 at Hwy. 86 (216) pump station. This pump had long run time, discovered trash in the impeller, cleaned and put pump back in service.

  *   ROW crew cut 10,117 feet of ROW on Cox Rd., Cobbs Glen, and Snow Rd. areas.

  *   Row crew cut up (6) trees at rear of the AFCO property and removed from right of way. ROW crew also cut (4) trees on our ROW in Orchard Park Subdivision.

   *   Licensed trapper continues to remove beavers from Shackleburg Rd. and Scotts Bridge area to prevent sewer ROW and county roads from flooding.