Around the County . . .


The Anderson County Convenience Centers, Starr Landfill and Anderson Regional MRF will be closed only on Thanksgiving Day, November 27, 2014. The sites will reopen on November 28, 2014.

This information is a summary of the events and activities conducted by the various divisions of the Anderson County Public Works Department, which took place or affected the area of the Journal’s coverage.


Legal Advertisement was prepared and scheduled for Board of Appeals Meeting-December 11, 2014 at 5:00PM for a Free Standing Sign for Center Pointe Retail Center Powdersville.

Met with Q Trip Representative from Charlotte, NC to review a preliminary site plan regarding a new convenience store planned for Highway 86 and Highway 17.  A variance will be required to allow for large free standing sign near the interchange of I-85. Final Plans are expected to arrive in our office January 2, 2015.

Met with DR Horton Representative and Legendary Home Representative regarding removing signage along Highway 81N out of the Road Right of Way. (SCDOT called regarding removal)


Wal-Mart Express located on Johnson Road and BHP Highway.

Bojangles Piedmont (Highway 86 & Highway 17 – Final Review)

Craytonville New Fire Department located on McAdams School Road and Shirley Dairy Road.

Robert Bosch-Freestanding Sign located on Highway 81N-Approved by Board of Appeals.


Watson Engineering 50,000 square foot warehouse expansion located on Shiloh Church Road.

Pendleton High School Expansion

Verizon Wireless Addition to existing 195′ Monopole Tower located on Cox Road, Anderson.

Floodplain Development Permit approved for Pacolet Trail- Residential Home site located in (River Reserve Subdivision)

New Barbershop located on Anderson Street in Piedmont.


Watson Engineering 50,000 square foot warehouse expansion located on Shiloh Church Road.


o   Proposed Residential Subdivision-19 acre parcel consisting of (5) residential lots located on Brushy Creek Road

o   Avendell Subdivision lots 203-221 Phase II


o   Mobile Home skirting issue located on Mullinax Road, Anderson

o   Illegal signage removed on E/W Connector, Ingles Site and Orian Rugs that were placed on private property.


Received two rezoning applications for the month of November. Application one is to amend the approved statement of intent for the Midway Ridge Planned Development on Midway Road. The requested changes include building square footage, building materials, and lot layout.

Attended the Anderson County School District One Safe Routes to School (SRTS) final meeting, to review the draft SRTS plan as a team, and will provide feedback for the final plan.


*   Construction is continuing on the Slabtown Convenience Center. Concrete slabs were poured this week at the site for the 40-yard containers to sit on. Belk Construction is working on one area of the site that has a large amount of rock in it that will have to be removed. The rain on 11/17/14 stopped construction on that day.

  *   Belk Construction continues to grade on the site to prepare for the pouring of the concrete slabs for the 40-yard containers this week. Rain stopped construction on 11/17/14 for a couple of days.

  *   Environmental Enforcement spent time at the Slabtown Convenience Center educating residents on properly covering their loads. There were 15 uncovered loads that came to the site in 2 hours.

  *   Continue to provide a 40-yard container to West Pelzer to help them with cleaning up some limbs and taking them to the Starr C&D Landfill.


*   The Roads and Bridges department hauled fill dirt in to the detention pond in the Winding Stream Subdivision. The pond’s bottom is too low which causes it to hold water for extended periods. The pond was designed to drain within 72 hours after rainfall. A contractor spread and sloped the fill dirt to achieve the correct drainage.

  *   A cease and desist notice was issued to Stanco in the Alliance Industrial Park due to improperly installed and maintained stormwater controls.

  *   Conducted pre-construction conferences at Watson Engineering off Hwy 86 near I-85, at the Robert Bosch Plant, and the Three Bridges residential development off Three Bridges Road in Powdersville.


*   Reviewed Three Bridges Club sewer construction permit submittal.

  *   Prepared answers to sewer questions sent in by Powdersville Water District.

   *   ROW crew cut approximately 1500 feet of ROW at 81/86 pump station and at ROW on Hwy 153.

  *   ROW crew cleaned approximately 1500 feet of 8 inch sewer line in Stonehaven Subdivision with our pumper truck. Annual preventive cleaning we perform due to past blockages.  *   Performed 2 commercial sewer tap inspections: Alliance Park and Powdersville strip mall.

  *   Performed 3 residential sewer tap inspections: Blythwood subdivision, Lots 80 and 64 and Winding Steam subdivision, 217 Streams Way.

  *   Located sewer lines for contractors in Powdersville at Cely Lane and force main from Hembree Creek (#301) pump station.