Convenience Centers closed Thanksgiving


The Anderson County Convenience Centers, Starr Landfill and Anderson Regional MRF will be closed only on Thanksgiving Day, November 27, 2014. The sites will reopen on Friday November 28.

In case you missed it, here are some highlights ion Anderson County Convenience Centers from the Nov. 19 Anderson County Public Works Department Report:

Solid Waste

*   Construction is continuing on the Slabtown and Carswell Convenience Centers. Grading and compacting is being done at both sites to get ready to pour concrete for the 40-yard container areas and the compactor areas.

  *   Staff recovered some illegal drugs at the Anderson Regional MRF on November 7, 2014 that came out of one of our recycling loads at the MRF. Staff contacted the Sheriff’s Department immediately. The Sheriff’s Department is still investigating and has arrested one suspect at this time.  *   Environmental Enforcement responded to an illegal dumping on Stone Dr. in Williamston, SC. Enforcement does have a lead on the person responsible. Staff did go out to the site and cleaned up 12 bags of trash.

  *   Environmental Enforcement spent time at the King David Convenience Center educating residents on properly covering their loads on November 12, 2014. There were 36 uncovered loads that came into the site in only 2 hours.

  *   Individuals broke into the Whitefield Convenience Center to steel metal out of the 40-yard container and materials from the Haven of Rest Box on November 9, 2014.

  *   Staff repaired safety chains at the Slabtown and Townville Convenience Centers this week.