Greenville & Western Railway opens machinery distribution hub in Williamston


Greenville & Western Railway Company, LLC (GRLW), a wholly owned subsidiary of Western Carolina Railway Service Corporation, held a ribbon cutting ceremony Thursday (Nov. 20) for the Grand Opening of its Big Creek Machinery Distribution Hub, located at 210 Mill Street, in Williamston.

Through its partnership with CSX Transportation, BNSF Railway and BNSF Logistics, GRLW’s new facility offers a customizable turnkey solution for heavy machinery manufacturers and dealers to move their equipment door to door from origin point of import/manufacture in the Southeastern United States to destination point of export/domestic distribution anywhere on the North American rail network.

In addition, the facility provides more than three acres of on-site storage/staging in a secure, well-lit environment not just for finished machinery, but also large components such as buckets and beds and other optional machinery implements and accessories.

“We are excited to offer the heavy machinery market a rail transportation solution that can provide a 2530% cost savings over truck,” states GRLW President and CEO Steven C. Hawkins. “We look forward to working with our marketing partners to grow the business and expand the scope of services offered as we develop the site. Opening this facility creates two immediate job opportunities for the Williamston community.”

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