Anderson County Sheriff’s Report


Anderson County Sheriff’s Deputies investigated the following:


Dec. 5 – A.F. Acevedo responded to 101 Indigo Lane, where Jason Bradley reported the theft of a large go cart and a Remington rifle from his garage area. A motorcycle and another vehicle were also damaged. The total loss was estimated at $7000.

Dec.5 – P.C. Henry received a telephone report from Terrance Brooks, of 108 Thom Trail that someone had stolen his SC license plate, number IZZ284.

Dec. 6 J.M. Culbertson was dispatched to 3113 Hwy. 8 where Alvin Dallas reported the theft of some lawn care equipment, a 20 hp outboard motor, and a John Deere 6X6 utility vehicle. The loss was estimated at $8500.

Dec. 7 – J.M. Culbertson responded to 102 Tara Dr. where Rachel Webster reported the theft of her checkbook from her car. Nothing else was taken and the account was deactivated.

Dec. 7 – J.A. Bowen received a telephone complaint from Barbara Hammond stating that a subject identified only as Lesley had been seen by Hammond driving a moped valued at $350 away from the home.


Dec. 7 – M.T. Brooks responded to 31 Parker St. where he found Freya Epps, WF, 41, 5’9″, 135 pounds, brn/green, being loud and boisterous in the street. There was a strong smell of alcohol, and after calling Pelzer EMS to examine her, he arrested her for public disorderly conduct and transported her to ACDC.


Dec. 5 – A.C. Acevedo responded to 1914 River Road where he found Paul Ogle, WM, 58, 5’9″, 165 pounds behaving in a loud and boisterous manner, screaming profanity. Acevedo determined him to be under the influence of some unknown substance. He was placed in custody. While on the scene, Acevedo spoke with Ogle’s sister, Catherine, who stated that her brother told her he had taken her bicycle, valued at $375, and that an unknown subject then took it from him. Ogle was also found to be wanted on a Greenville warrant. He was transported to ACDC and charged with public disorderly conduct.

Dec. 6 – J.M. Culbertson was dispatched to the Powdersville Community Church at 200 Assembly Dr., where Gene Hutchins, reported that someone had broken a glass door to enter the church and had suffered what appeared to be a significant cut, judging by the amount of blood inside the church. There was no evidence of theft.


Dec. 5 – C.M. Ashe responded to 5 Little Beaver Creek Dr. where Kimberly Whitt, WF, 41, 4’11″, 86 pounds reported that her husband Arthur Whitt, Jr., 5’9″, 180 pounds, brn/brn had thrown her to the ground during an argument, and that her son intervened. Her son confirmed her account, which the subject denied. He was arrested for criminal domestic violence and transported to ACDC.

Dec. 5 – K.S. Looney was on patrol in the Kay Street and Breazeale Rd. area when he observed a white male in the vicinity of an abandoned vehicle. Upon making contact with Tommy Pruitt, WM, 55, 5’10″, 150 pounds, gray/green, he determined that he was wanted in North Carolina. He was wanted for a failure to appear on an amphetamine charge. He was placed under arrest and transported to ACDC, where he was held as a fugitive from justice for NC authorities.

Dec. 5 – D.A. Hammond received a telephone complaint from Crista Hartman, of Easley, that her brother Evan, had failed to return her car to her at her place of work at 101 Alliance Parkway. She was concerned because it was unusual for him not to pick her up at work, per their arrangement.

Dec. 6 – M.T. Brooks was dispatched to Lot 33, 825 Joe Black Rd. where Larry Goff, WM, 51 complained that his girlfriend Sharon Miller, WF, 72, 5’7″, 210 pounds had scratched him on the back and side with the remote control. Miller admitted the assault and was placed under arrest for criminal domestic violence and transported to ACDC.

Dec. 7 – J. Glenn responded to 905 Beaverdam Rd. where Donald Bunton reported the theft of an ATV from his home, valued at $2000. A witness saw a black male leave in a silver or gray car. A second ATV was left in the front yard.