Williamston Police Report


Williamston Police Officers investigated incidents involving shoplifting, thefts, disorderly condut and assisted in investigating a pedestrian fatality on Anderson Drive in which a man was struck by two vehicles.

On Dec. 5, Williamston Police Officers assisted the South Carolina Highway Patrol with an investigation in which a pedestrian identified as Jackie Lee Blanding, 49, 28 Railroad St., Anderson was struck by two vehicles on Anderson Drive in Williamston.

According to reports, when officer C. Samuel was dispatched at 2 a.m., a 2007 Toyota Corolla driven by Joshua Tankersley was in the northbound lane of the road with the victim lying motionless underneath the vehicle. The SC Highway Patrol was dispatched to investigate. Williamston Fire Department and EMS also responded. During the investigation, an off duty Williamston police officer received a text stating she had received a phone call and text message from Jon Daughenbaugh advising her that he thought he hit a person. He also stated he had been drinking, however had left the scene and returned to his residence.

Upon investigation of the suspect’s vehicle, a Ford F-250 pickup, it was determined that he had initially struck the victim and left him in the roadway and the vehicle driven by Tankersley had inadvertently struck the motionless body lying in the road.

Jon Ross Daughenbaugh, 30, 113 Tyson St., Williamston was arrested and charged with driving under the influence. SCHP, Williamston police and SCHP MAIT team are investigating the incident.

Dec. 2 – Aaron McAlister, 21, 6 W 4th St., Williamston reported someone had driven through his yard and two others causing approximately $100 in damage. G. Cremer investigated.

Dec. 2 – Melissa P. Smith, 40, 214 Green St,. Williamston reported the back window of her vehicle broken. Damage was estimated at $150. M. E. Simmons investigated.

Dec. 1 – John Christian Farmer, Sr., 54, 108 E St., Williamston reported the clamp on the gas tank on his SUV was removed and 13 gallons of fuel valued at $32.50 was taken. G. Cremer investigated.

Nov. 29 – Jason Tyler Sweet, 25, 215 Mauldin St., Williamston was arrested for public disorderly conduct after officers were dispatched to the location in reference to a domestic disturbance. Sweet had left the residence and was spotted nearby on West Main St. but fled into the bushes behind a business. He then entered the Fast Fuel where he was arrested after attempting to hide in a freezer. C. Samuel investigated.

Nov. 26 – Raymond Luca Lyles, 18, 143 G St., Williamston was arrested for simple possession of marijuana after a silver Ford Mustang failed to stop at a four way stop on Williams Street and Gossett. Reports state officers found 1.8 grams of a green leafy substance believed to be and field tested positive as marijuana. J. Sargent investigated.

Nov. 25 – Michael Lewis Hoover, 46, 2231 Cannon Bottom Rd., Belton was placed on trespass notice for Palmetto High School, 804 N. Hamilton St., Williamston after causing a disturbance at the school and refusing to leave at the request of Principal Robert A. Roach. J. Sargent investigated.

Nov. 24 – Philina Nanette Weddington, 41, 2 Broad St., Williamston reported a golden wedding band and other jewelry valued at $3150 missing from the residence. M. E. Simmons investigated.

Nov. 24 – Brian Prater, 50, 243 Paulan Dr,. Williamston reported a cell phone and charger valued at $100 taken while he was working at 2 Broad St., Williamston. The incident remains under investigation. M. E. Simmons investigated.

Nov. 24 – Ace Hardware, 29 Pelzer Ave. Williamston reported a shoplifting incident in which an item valued at $70 was taken from the store without payment. According to reports, the shoplifting suspect, who was looking at knives, had placed his personal knife in a box and asked the cashier to ring it up while he went outside “to get some money.” He then left with a new Buck knife. C. Samuel investigated.

Dec. 7 – Raderick Lee Gosnell, 20, 19 Parker St., Williamston was arrested for outstanding bench warrant at Burger King, E. Greenville Dr., Williamston. T. L. Eichelberger investigated.