ARJWS to make repairs to water intake


No interruptions anticipated

Anderson Regional Joint Water System (ARJWS) will make final permanent repairs to its raw water intake starting at 10 pm Tuesday, January 20 to repair the damage caused by the June 25-26 pipe failure which resulted in a service interruption. ARJWS officials said the repairs will improve the reliability and restore the intake to its maximum capacity.

Final repairs will require a planned interruption of raw water pumping expected to last between 6-8 hours, allowing the intake to return to service by early morning on January 21. According to a news release, during this period the water treatment plant will continue to pump from onsite storage reservoirs to maintain system pressure. No interruptions in retail water service are anticipated.

The required final repairs were scheduled to allow prepositioning of all required parts, materials and labor to ensure a timely repair. The planned repair coincides with a very low water demand period. As part of a coordinated operations plan, all member agency elevated storage tanks will be filled prior to the start of repairs. The elevated storage tanks have regulated storage capacity to meet all demands for at least 12 hours.

In addition, ARJWS storage reservoirs capable of supplying 18-24 hours of total system demand will be filled and available for pumping to any point in the service area. Fire departments within the service area have been notified and will remain in the communications plan.

Once the repairs are completed, the water treatment plant will return to normal operations. As the repairs are to raw water transmission lines, no impacts on finished water quality are anticipated, ARJWS officials said.