Anderson County Sheriff’s Report


Anderson County Sheriff’s Deputies investigated the theft of mail, car tags and various other items taken from vehicles as well as a shoplifting incident involving condoms. Among incidents investigated:


Jan. 23 – M.T. Grant responded to a shoplifting complaint at the Super WalMart, where, upon the complaint of manager Kyle Porter, he placed Ellis Woodworth, WM, 20, under arrest for the attempted theft of a box of condoms and a tube of KY jelly.

Jan. 23 – P.D. Marter responded to 106 Gadwell Court where Rebekah Cawthon-White, WF, 32, reported that her estranged husband, Roderick White, WM, 5’11″, 175 pounds, brn/blue had scratched her neck while trying to choke her. He returned to the home while Deputy Marter was there, and denied any altercation, despite the fact that the house was in visible disarray. He was placed under arrest and transported to ACDC.

Jan.24 – J.R. Brunson was dispatched to 409 Roe Rd. where Erica Raines reported that someone had entered a home she was renovating for rental, and stole tools valued at $270.

Jan. 24 – D. McQueen responded to 116 Pin Oak Court where Julianne Martin reported that someone had cut the screens on two of the windows of her home. The loss was estimated at $40.

Jan.25 – P.D. Marter was dispatched to 130 Denise Rd. where Vetericia Watts reported that someone had forced entry into her home and stolen some electronics for her car and her laptop. The loss was estimated at $750.

Jan. 25 – D.McQueen responded to 9900 Anderson Rd. where Debbie Cantrell reported unknown subjects in a red car with black rims had taken mail from both her and her daughter’s mailboxes.


Jan. 24 – J.P. Lahusky responded to the B-Lo where Janice Blunt reported that when she and her child were in the store, they left the child’s LeapPad inside. Upon returning, it was gone. Store video showed a heavy set white male pick it up and walk out with it. The loss was estimated at $130.

Jan. 25 – S.D. Cole received a telephone complaint from Katie Black, of 310 Country Glen Rd., that someone had stolen the license tag, SC BCA428 from her father’s truck. Loss was estimated at $25.


Jan. 23 – A.F. Acevedos responded to 716 Hwy. 17 where Robert Tubbs reported the theft of his 2013 KIA Forte valued at $18,000.

Jan. 23 – D.A. Hammond received a report at the ACSO offices from Walter Blackshire, of 1610 Hwy. 86 that someone had stolen a necklace valued at $212 from his home.

Jan. 24 – J. Velez responded to 112 Middleton Place where Pushar Patel reported the theft of his SC license tag KPV264.


Jan. 23 – C.G. Liggett received a telephone complaint from Ricky Bell, of 5401 Copeland Rd. that someone had entered two vehicles at his home and stolen items valued at $50.