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The Anderson County Public Works Department reported the following projects currently underway in The Journal reading area:

Building and Codes

· Plan Review Staff Meetings: 1) Met with Economic Development, along with other County Departments, to discuss plan review & permitting process for Project Upstate. This will be a general office and distribution facility that may be locating in District Six.

Met with Owner representatives on site to discuss relocating their business into an existing building located off of 153 in Powdersville. At this time the occupancy classification will not change from the existing use and therefore a building permit will not be required if no work is being done inside the building. The warehouse portion of the building may be rented to another tenant in the future and plans will be submitted accordingly.

· PERMITS SUBMITTED: 8 New Single-Family Dwelling issued and 5 Addition-Renovation; 2 Detached Garage/Storage Buildings; 15 Electrical and HVAC Upgrades; 4 Swimming Pools; 3 Demolition; 2 Commercial including: First Quality-Cannonball 3 Fire Barriers for Maintenance & Storage Buildings, First Quality-Cannonball 3 Foundation & Grounding for Switch Gear Building; 15 Mobile Home including: New Homes, Change of Ownership, moves from other counties, change of location, etc.

· DRAWINGS SUBMITTED: Belton Skating Rink Up-Fit in Belton, Interstate Tire Shop located off Auction Drive in Pelzer, Verizon Wireless Co-Locate off Cantrell Road in Williamston, New Office Building for Straight Paths Landscaping & Design located off of Old Pearman Dairy Road and various resubmittals

· February Stats:

o Revenue Down 30% from prior month ($64,212.90 to $45,170.50)

o New Single-Family & Multi-Family Dwelling permits down 27% from prior month (52 to 38)

o Total of 478 permits/transactions (Down 18% from Prior Month): 115 Building, 121 Electrical, 68 Plumbing, 77 HVAC, 70 Mobile Homes, 8 Demolition, 19 Miscellaneous

Development Standards


· Staff Report for Planning Commission Meeting Scheduled for March 10, 2015. Project Upstate, a large scale project, a proposed beverage distribution warehouse located on Highway 86 & Old Williamston Road.

o Budweiser Distribution Center located on Highway 86 Piedmont, request variance to allow for directional signage.

o Property Owner, requesting variance for a reduction of side yard setbacks for an addition located on New Hope Road, Anderson


o Rivendell/Buckland Lots 12, 13, & 87 all have been approved by Architectural Review Committee.


o Project Upstate located on Highway 86 & Old Williamston Road, Anderson.

o Interstate Tire located off of Highway 8, Pelzer (Revised layout for a new building location.)

o New Verizon Wireless Communication Tower Addition located on Cantrell Road, Williamston.

o Wren Fire Department (Received Final Corrections) located on Highway 86 Piedmont.

o IBC Recycling located on Hampton Road, Williamston.

o Pagaus Pipeline, a Houston TX based company submitting various site layouts for road crossings areas in Anderson County.

o Edgebrook Forest Subdivision received submittal for Lot#63 by Architectural Review Committee. (Approval form must be amended)


o Final Approval Granted to Avendell Investment Group for Phase II, Section 1.

o Received $50,000 bond for Avendell Subdivision from Avendell Investment Group Phase II, Section 1.

o Airy Springs Subdivision Review of Letter of Credit/Bond for remaining items needed for completion.


o Report for an Illegal business located on Highway 88.

· February Stats:

o Land Use Permits, 80

o Septic Tank Permits, 45

o Individual Plats, 31

o Up-fits, 4



· GPATS Study Team meeting in Greenville. Two issues involved Anderson County interests: 1) The SC 153 project has been accelerated as discussed. According to Mr. Brockington, the project will cost $2 million for PE in 2015, $1 million for ROW in 2017, $1.8 million for construction in 2018, and $2 million for construction on the back end of the TIP, and; 2) The Town of Williamston’s TAP project request for $200,000 meets the eligibility requirements and will move forward ahead of full adoption into the GPATS TIP in June.

· ANATS Policy Committee meeting in Anderson. The East West Connector multi-use path vote was delayed until next meeting (March 30). The Highway 81 Extension vote was delayed until next meeting (March 30). The Committee voted unanimously to accept changes to the EPA Air Quality agreement.

· Project Upstate permit meeting.

· Prepared and re-advertised for rescheduled Highway 81 Overlay Kick-Off meeting. Prepared over 1400 postcards for delivery.

Roads & Bridges

· Blake Dairy Road East Bridge project is complete; sign crew opened road to traffic Monday 3/2/15. Finished project looks great; outstanding job R&B!

· Four crews continued to remove storm debris Monday and Tuesday. Vegetation crew will continue to respond and remove debris that is slowly being called in for cleanup.

· Bridge crew helped Wastewater Department remove a large beaver dam with our track hoe.

· All new guardrails were installed on Lee Dobbins Road at the bridge. The old guardrail had wooden posts, which are no longer approved by the state and federal standards we follow.

· Sand spreaders were serviced by Fleet Service, and re-stored in hope we don’t need them anymore this winter!

· Ditching crew started cutting back the edges of 22 roads that are targeted to be re-striped (fresh paint lines) beginning March 16th.

· Received 1 after-hour call-out for a tree across the road, totaling 6 man-hours.

· February Stats:

o Requests: 316 new, 303 closed, 307 open

o On call: 9 call-outs for a total of 45 man-hours. (This figure excludes the week ending 2/20/15. The number of call-outs and man-hours for this week are yet to be determined. Crews worked overtime between 5 p.m. Saturday and 7 a.m. Wednesday.

o Encroachments: 11 permits for a total of $3419.25 (Year 113/$20015.79)

Solid Waste

· Construction continues to be slow at the Slabtown and Carwell Convenience Centers due to the rainfall that we are having at this time. Staff is working on wiring up the compactors at the Carswell Convenience Center.

· February Stats:

o 386.37 Recyclable tons, 25.63 E-Waste tons, 29.29 Tire tonnage and 1945 Gallons Waste Oil.

o Anderson Regional Landfill: 5227.89 tons of municipal Solid Waste at a cost of $154,327.31.

o Hauling contractor hauled 445 containers from Convenience Centers at a cost of $52,065.00.


· The stormwater permit application for E&I Engineering’s expansion was received.

· Pre-construction conference for the conversion of Duke Energy’s Lee Steam Station.

· February Stats:

o 1 construction site was issued a notice to comply.

o 2 pre-construction meetings.

o Approved 2 stormwater permits, 0 permit modification, completed 7 plan reviews, & conducted 5 pre-submittal meetings.

o 0 stormwater permit terminations were approved.

o Inspections: 27 sediment/erosion control, 0 post-construction, 0 county facility & 0 industrial stormwater


· ROW crew repaired manhole at the Riverstone pump station off River Road in Piedmont. A confined space entry was performed to clean the manhole out before repair was made.

· Repaired leaking force main from the 86 #3 pump station on Moores Mill Rd. in Piedmont. VAC-ON pumper truck and two contract pumpers kept up with incoming flow while repair was being made. The leak was small and was discovered early eliminating any detrimental damage to the environment.

· Performed 1 commercial sewer tap inspection this week: Edward Jones Investment Company off Hwy 81 in front of T.L. Hanna High School.

· On call personnel received one after hour call this week: High Level at Hanna High School pump station.

· February Stats:

o Permits – 20

o Capacity Fees – $62,500

o Sewer Adj. – $778.40

o Sludge hauled – $284.28 (9.63 tons)