Golden-S Rescue owner facing 60 charges


Ill treatment of animals

The Anderson County Sheriff’s Office has arrested Debra Lynne Sheridan of Easley. She has been charged with 60 counts of ill treatment of animals and 54 counts of failure to provide proof of rabies vaccination.

The charges were made after Sheriff’s Animal Control Officers visited Sheridan’s home to conduct an animal welfare check. Unannounced checks are part of a court order stemming from Sheridan’s last court appearance. Sheridan runs the Golden-S Rescue on Hamlin Road in Easley.

Inspecting officers found that the rescue was out-of-compliance on several required issues. Some of the animals were in need of veterinarian attention; some were without water and/or appeared underweight; and, although six of the animals were too young to receive a rabies vaccination, Sheridan was unable to provide the necessary proof of rabies vaccination for the other 54 that were in her care.

During the case investigation, Sheridan was found to be in possession of a controlled substance and has also been charged with that offense.

Officers seized a total of 60 animals, including dogs and cats. The animals were transported to the Anderson County Animal Shelter (P.A.W.S.) where they will be kept, pending legal action against Sheridan.

If convicted on the ill treatment charges, Sheridan could be facing a considerable monetary fine and/or jail time. The offense against each animal will be considered separately and, although the charges are considered misdemeanors, each charge could result in a fine of up to $500 and/or 60 days in jail.

A bond hearing was scheduled for Thursday afternoon.