County Human Relations Council to recognize local students


The Anderson County Human Relations Council has named the following Anderson County students as recipients of the 2015 Cory White Diversity Award in recognition of their efforts to promote the qualities of diversity and acceptance within their communities.

The students, from schools across the county, will be recognized at a dinner to be held on Thursday, April 9th, 6 pm at the Civic Center of Anderson. Mr. Walter Lee will be the featured speaker at the event. Approximately 150 attendees are expected, including students, their families, school principals and staff, school district superintendents, and special guests. Students being recognized include:

Anderson Alternative School- Nazee Price; Belton Middle – Gabriel Campbell; Belton-Honea Path High- Katie Epps; Crescent High- Kade Bryant; Glenview Middle- Michelle Chapman; Honea Path Middle- Katelyn Magaha; Lakeside Middle- Nicholas Randolph; McCants Middle- Sakshi Kumar.

Also Palmetto High – Luke Benoit; Palmetto Middle- Morgan Roberts; Pendleton High- Brandyn Lee; Powdersville High- Ashlyn McConnell; Powdersville Middle- Dasani Morris; Riverside Middle- Clay Martin; Robert Anderson Middle- Alexis Archilla-Espinoza; Southwood Middle- Jordyn Moorhead; Starr-Iva Middle- Katelyn Burgess; T.L. Hanna High- Tiana Norris; Westside High- Sydney Thompson; Wren Middle- Kisa Momin; Wren High- Shelby Brown.

“It is the Anderson County Human Relations Council’s honor to be able to join the Anderson Community in this recognition of each of the forgoing for living out the legacy of Cory White” said Genevieve Brown, Anderson County HRC Chair. “He, like you, became cognizant of the value of the individuals of every race and gender. Thank you honorees for helping the people of this world see our youth are striving for a more inclusive world”.

The Cory White Diversity Award program was established by the Anderson County HRC to honor the memory of the student designer of the Anderson County Human Relations Council logo, Cory White. It was only after Cory’s tragic death in an automobile accident that the HRC became aware of what an outstanding young man he was. He demonstrated his love and acceptance of all people and went out of his way to make others feel important and valued. The HRC established the Cory White Diversity Award to honor his memory and recognize young people within the community who share his values and strong character. Area schools are invited to nominate students who make a positive impact on peers, teachers, and /or school staff in the areas of human rights, special needs and disabilities, and/or cultural inclusion and acceptance.

The Anderson County Human Relations Council seeks to improve human relations by building bridges and lowering barriers among all races and ethnic groups represented throughout Anderson County. The HRC was established as a commission to aid the county and municipal governments in efforts to improve relations among all races, ethnic, and age groups represented in Anderson County. The HRCs membership is comprised of volunteers appointed by the Anderson County Council and Mayors from the nine municipalities in the county.