Anderson County Sheriff’s Report


Anderson County Sheriff’s Deputies investigated the following:


April 10 – A.C. Guthrie responded to the WalMart at 11410 Anderson Rd. where Keith Reese reported seeing Raven Goodman, BF, 25, 5’7″, 203 pounds, hide several items of clothing in her purse. She then paid for the items in her cart, but not the others, valued at $35. She was taken into custody and transported to ACDC.

April 10 – A.C. Guthrie responded to the WalMart again, this time to find Samantha Wardell, WF, 37, 5’6″, 190 pounds, from Greenville. Wardell cursed, screamed and spat at people, finally spitting on the deputy. She was eventually charged with shoplifting, public disorderly conduct, assault and battery, and malicious injury.

April 10 – B.C. Scroggs responded to 216 Beagle Run where Julia Varvatsis reported that someone had entered her vehicle and stolen several items valued at $75.


April 10 – J.M. Pelfrey was dispatched to 117 Ponderosa Dr. where Janice Styles reported that someone had entered her home and stolen tools and household items valued at $400.

April 11 – J.F. Marano was dispatched to 32 Smythe St. where Steven Eudy stated that someone had stolen an air compressor, valued at $150, from the back of his truck.

April 12 – J.F. Marano responded to 248 Smith Dr. where Brandi Bellue reported the theft of her power meter from her home. The loss was estimated at $75.


April 10 – J.M. Pelfrey responded to a report of a burglary in progress at 611 Old Williamston Rd. Upon arrival, Clara Smith reported seeing a strange car at her son’s home. She went over and asked the driver what he was doing there. He attempted to flee, along with three other black men who came from the house.

April 10 – T.A. McCarley received a telephone complaint concerning the theft of an iPod from a vehicle belonging to John Wilson, Jr. of 612 Wren School Road.

April 10 – T. A. McCarley also received a telephone complaint from Karen Garrett of 608 Wren School Road, concerning the breaking and entering of her vehicle, and the theft of medications.

Apri11 – T.K. Cook was dispatched to 201 Crawford St. where Jerry Nimmons complained that his nephew, Timothy Thoreson, WM, 21, 5’8″, 135 pounds was being boisterous and keeping the household awake. It was the second call to that location of the night, and Thoreson was placed in custody for breach of peace, and taken to ACDC.

April 11 – J.E. Scott responded to 218 Wadmalaw Dr., Bldg.J where Philip Canty reported that someone had slashed three of his truck tires. The loss was estimated at $350.

April 11 – A.C. Guthrie and J.M. Pelfrey responded from opposite directions to the vicinity of 114 Boozer Rd. Pefrey found Naomi Herrera, WF, 21, 5’7″, 130 pounds, the female party to the CDV complaint ,walking down the road, badly bloodied and injured. After further investigation, her boyfriend Justin Bagwell, WM, 22, 5’10″, 150 pounds, was determined to be the primary aggressor and he was placed under arrest.

April 11 – T.K. Cook responded to 205 Saluda Dr. where Adelia Jamison reported that while she and her husband were out of town someone entered their home and pried their safe open, taking a small amount of cash and a ring.


April 10 – M.McCarty and C.H. McCarley responded to 6011 Hwy. 29 N where Russell Boiter reported that someone had entered a home he was in the process of remodeling, and had stolen construction materials which he subsequently found along a path on the property.

April 11 – J. Glenn was dispatched to the Saluda Valley Country Club where Sonny Sapp reported that someone had attempted to force entry into the club house, damaging the front entrance.

April 12 – J. Glenn responded to 114 Terrapin Dr. where Dennis Hamby reported that someone had broken the window of his vehicle.Anderson County Sheriff’s Report